Hi There

I’m Bobbi Jo

Hi, I’m Bobbi Jo, a lab-lover who took my passion for animals and dogs and turned it into something bigger.  When I adopted Jake and Maggie, my love for them became the driving force behind Two Adorable Labs, and my blog was born.  My hope is to not only share them with the world, but to help educate others on the importance of animal health and well-being.  Two Adorable Labs is, of course, partially an ode to my love for dogs, specifically my two Labrador Retrievers, Jake and Maggie, but has now become not “just” a doggie blog but a lifestyle blog with a daily dose of cuteness. I not only strive to be a go-to resource for the lifestyle of pet-lovers near and far but have tapped into my love of all things food and home decor.  My hope is that my sweet doses of cuteness become a part of everyone’s daily routine; maybe even a part of their morning coffee.
Blogger, amateur photographer, cook, baker, recipe developer, influencer, dog lover, home remodeler, designer
My passion for cooking, baking, and interior design has grown leaps and bounds over the years.  Having this blog brings me so much joy because I get to share these passions with you.  So much so, that I have written a three-part cookbook containing recipes for us humans and our furry friends with tablescapes, home decor, DIY tips, pet health tips, and more.  In my support of Joey’s P.A.W., a non-profit helping animals in need of wheelchairs and prosthetics, a portion from the sale of each book will go to help these animals in need.  
Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me and has become an outlet for my creativity.  I am a firm believer that you are never too old to start a new venture and to do what makes you truly happy.  Two years ago, I took the leap with branding Two Adorable Labs and am striving every day to provide my readers with informational content that inspires them.  I set up my online store and have launched The Two Adorable Labs candle line.  If you want to follow us on Instagram @twoadorablelabs, you can find Jake And Maggie living the good life or subscribe to our website for more creative content!
Sincerely, and as always—Live, Lab, Love!
A LIttle about me

Favorite Fun

Quiet nights at home with my husband, Thomas, and the pups are what I enjoy most. I’m a true homebody with a passion for cooking, baking, interior design, and forever excited about fashion.

Favorite Brand

I like to live by the quote, “One year equals 365 opportunities.” Get up, put on some lipstick and make your dreams come true! My favorite brand of makeup is MAC, and buying an outfit from Macy’s by I.N.C. makes me happy.  

Favorite Animal

In case you couldn’t tell, my favorite animal is a no brainer—Labradors! My Labs Jake and Maggie have brought so many wonderful things to my life, including this blog and all of my awesome followers!

Favorite Food

My favorite food is Italian cuisine, hands down. I am forever craving a slice of cheesy pizza or a pile of homemade pasta with marinara sauce! Take me to an Italian restaurant and I am a happy girl. 

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