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A Lifestyle Blog with A Daily Dose of Doggy Cuteness.

A Lifestyle Blog with A Daily Dose of Doggy Cuteness.


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Keep calm and love your pet. From health and wellness to dog-friendly recipes, and pet-care tips, this section of the blog is a dog-lover’s paradise!


Sit, Stay, Eat! While we love making special treats for our adorable Labs, this category is for our human friends who LOVE to eat and bake! 

Home Décor

Home is what you make it. And we love to help make your home warm and welcoming! Browse this category for all things home décor, seasonal tips and more. 


All the other things I love. Style tips, gardening, book reviews, travel… the list goes on. This category of the blog covers all of this and more!

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Live, Lab, Love.

Hi! I’m Bobbi Jo, a lab-lover who took my passion for dogs and turned it into something bigger. Two Adorable Labs is of course partially an ode to our love for dogs—specifically our two adorable Labrador Retrievers Jake and Maggie—but our primary purpose is to be a go-to resource for the lifestyle of pet-lovers near and far.

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Sit, Stay, Eat!

This is a cookbook for those who are looking for easy and fast recipes that deliver a lot of taste. The book is a compilation of various recipes from family, friends, and some simply created in the kitchen by Bobbi Jo. This book was inspired by the desire to financially help the non-profit organization Joey’s P.A.W. who focuses their effort on helping animals in need of prosthetics and wheelchairs. This book includes recipes for humans and their furry friends along with tablescape ideas and pet health.

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Dog Eye Discharge

Dog Eye Discharge

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Dog Eye Discharge can be a result of anything from breed type to allergies.  It can also be more serious and cause for concern.  You want to be aware of excessive blinking, squinting, irregular discharge, or pawing at the lids. Back in 2022, I wrote a post "Doggie Eye Boogies And What They Mean" which gives a broader...

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Bourbon Cream Chocolate Coffee

Bourbon Cream Chocolate Coffee

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Valentine’s Day is next week and I thought this Bourbon Cream Chocolate Coffee would be the perfect after dinner drink for your Valentine’s Day dinner at home!  This is a combo of sweet cream with hints of bourbon and chocolate together.  With only two ingredients, it’s easy to make and delicious to drink!  Top off with...

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Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign

Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Ever wonder what your pet's reaction means to something?  Your Dog's Zodiac Sign is a fun post that sheds light on their behavior based on the month they were born.  Jake and Maggie are Gemini's born June 8, 2017!  The horoscope (see chart) says they are social butterflies, explorers, and love interacting with others...

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