Meet The

Two Adorable Labs

Jake Thomas

Jake is a calm, gentle, cuddly little guy who loves to snuggle but, beware… he’s extremely ticklish! Unless you’re throwing him a frisbee to fetch, you will never catch him running or doing any agility exercises. Jake is a total sweetheart and especially loves hanging out with children!

Favorite Treat: Dental Chews by Get Naked

Favorite Activity: Playing frisbee

Jake’s Super Power: His comforting nature



Maggie Rose

Maggie is the complete opposite of Jake in many ways—one being her high-energy personality! Like her brother, Maggie is an absolute sweetie who just wants to please us. She acts as a mother-figure to her brother Jake and is always looking out for and protecting him. Unlike her brother, Maggie LOVES to run no matter what—but especially when a frisbee is involved.

Favorite Treat: Frozen yogurt blueberries 

Favorite Activity: Running and playing frisbee 

Maggie’s Super Power: Her energy and speed 



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