5 Signs That You Enjoy Your Pet More Than You Enjoy People

Jan 27, 2020 | Beauty, Life

I sometimes laugh when I see quotes about liking your own dog more than you like your family members, friends, or other people in general.  I am a true homebody who enjoys my dogs company.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an occasional lunch or dinner out socializing but I prefer to be at home with Jake and Maggie.  Fortunately, for me, I married someone who feels the same way.  Thomas’ job requires a lot from him and he treasures his time at home with me and the dogs.  We are also thrilled that we can take them places with us now.  I’ve also started to realize that I feel more comfortable talking to people when I have the dogs with me.  I like educating people on dog ownership when they ask.  I like feeling that the dogs are enjoying the outing as a family and we are experiencing something together vs. them being at home by themselves waiting for us.

A walk before the rain!

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.” – John Grogan

1.  You spend more time with your dog than you do others – Have you ever made an excuse to skip a party to stay home with your pet?  Be honest…:-).  I would love to hear your “excuses”…hmmm…comments below :-). Or you can email me if you like!

2.  When you have a bad day, you don’t want to see anyone but your pup – After a long day of being harassed by customers or undermined by your boss, sometimes you don’t want to see another human being. While it is great to spend time with your family and friends, nothing gets your heart rate down like seeing your dog’s smiling face.

3.  You routinely reject invitations where your dog can’t be your plus one – I can be honest here…this is not me but I have been asked to put my dogs in the basement because my guests were uncomfortable with them.  I politely declined and they never were invited back.  I also admit that I do know people like this who will not go to an event if their dog is not invited or allowed to be their plus one.

4.  You proudly show off photos of your pooch more than of your family – If someone asks about your dog, you can’t wait to pull out your phone and scroll through the adorable snaps you keep handy, like a proud grandparent showing their grandchildren.  But I do admit…I am like this.  I try not to overwhelm the person but I LOVE talking about Jake and Maggie.  I also love showing them off…hence…this blog :-).

5.  You know your pet is at home alone and you have left a function early to be with him – Guilt anyone???  Are you guilty of feeling guilty?  How many of us have sat through a meeting, a family function, a child’s birthday party secretly looking at the clock and wishing for the time to pass quickly. You know your pup is home alone and being with him sounds way better than being where you are at the moment.  Well, I am guilty of this.  I am also guilty of this many times over.  There is so much joy in walking into the house and seeing wagging tails and wiping off slobbery kisses.


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