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Apr 23, 2020 | Beauty, Life

Happy Friday everyone!!  As I sit here typing and watching the news, I’m thinking of the many people who are helping us get through this quarantine from the truck drivers to store clerks to the first responders helping those who are dealing with the devastation from the hurricanes that ripped through TX, OK, and LA last night.  These are amazing people and my thanks and gratitude go out to them.  I told Thomas that we are so lucky because we have each other, we have the dogs and the dogs have us.  We are blessed in so many ways and as soon as I said that, I came across an article about dating apps for pet lovers and wa la…my idea for a blog post was born.  We are all being quarantined and honestly, it would be so much harder if I didn’t have Thomas with me.  If you know of anyone who is talking about getting back out there into the dating world, this post might be helpful and quite possibly after being quarantined for this long, those who were resistant to dating apps might be looking at them differently.


The pups and their daddy!

Thomas taking a break from welding the truck to spend time with Jake and Maggie!  They love climbing on him in the chair!  This is my little family and the lights of my life!  

What makes dog lovers and owners stand out?

Dog lovers are a special group of people, with personalities as diverse as dog breeds, but with much in common.

In general, people that have experience owning and caring for a pet have these characteristics:

• They cherish loyalty and unconditional love
• They can handle commitment and know how to care for others
• They are less stressed
• They can better understand body language
• They have a higher tolerance to the havoc that pets can sometimes cause


Starting a relationship with somebody that does not have a sense of humor about chewed slippers, and does not feel joy when they are able to bring their pets on vacation with them might not the best match for a dog lover.  We all want to have things in common with our friends, family, and significant others.  Otherwise, what would be the point in having a relationship with them???  Check out these sites and see if one is right for you!  It is also important to be honest in your profile about what you are looking for.  If you dislike pitbulls and start a conversation with someone who has one, this might not be a good fit for any of you.

When you are talking to your match, check out the dog-friendly locations feature to help you plan your date so that the two of you can bring your dogs.  It includes dog parks, restaurants, etc. near you.  It also gives you “daily deals” and “tip of the day”.  You can even get blog posts under “unleashed” tab on dating advice, places to take your dog, and much more.
The most popular Android dating apps in 2019 were:
Badoo Dating App
Plenty of Fish
Match dating
This link above (dating is a great website that shows you 17 best free dating sites for animal lovers!  It lists the name of the app, a small description of what you get, and the url if you want to move forward with investigating if it is right for you and your fur baby.  There is also a link for cat lovers too!  We have to think of our cat lovers out there which is another reason to be honest.  You don’t want to find out that he loves his dog but hates your cat!!
This app has an Online Dating Protector.  Advanced specialist to detect scammer behaviour to ensure that all of our members are genuine.

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  1. Sharon

    I like the pictures of Thomas and his lap dog!????

    • Bobbi

      LOL! Thank you! I was snapping away and got some really cute pictures. The dogs LOVE laying on him!

  2. Carla

    What adorable photos they look so happy!❤

    • Bobbi

      Thank you :-). Not to brag but they are adorable! LOL!


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