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Apr 7, 2020 | Pet Health, Pets

I’ve been trying to keep my blog posts positive and upbeat during this stressful and unknown time in our lives dealing with the Coronavirus but I’m haunted by something that has led me to this point.  I made some phone calls last week and think it is important to blog about.  Have you ever been haunted by something that you could do nothing about and had no control over.  You tried your best to save the heartache and terror but it was out of your hands?  I have been there.  It is funny how things work because I had this topic in mind for awhile now but because it involves actual people that I know, I’ve chosen to not type the words I want to type.  I have a very dear friend who emailed me yesterday to say she was so excited to reconnect with some high school friends. As I was reading her email, I had this post sitting in the background waiting to be either deleted or sent.  This gave me all the more reason to speak up and make the final decision to blog about a topic that is just plain sadl!!!  In my experience, people see abuse differently and differently than I do.  I’ve made some bad judgement calls in my past that I have corrected when it came to the relationships with friends and family in my life and thought reconnecting for me if given the chance would not be good.  And now that I’m more educated in the world of animals, I know that I will always take action no matter what the situation is.  But the one thing I kept thinking about as I read her email was that I am disgusted that I allowed these people in my life.  I spent time with these people. I allowed them into my home.  I am horrified with myself that I couldn’t do more to save their sweet animals.  My reach was limited.  I tried. I really did.  I did what I could!  But what I didn’t have and I knew it…was…probable cause.  The stories were presented to me after the fact in an arrogant and ignorant way.  All I could do was try and voice my opinion but my words went on deaf ears.

“He who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul”

Have you ever heard of a “Do Not Adopt Black List”?  Although I have never used it, I wanted to know more about how it was created and the rules surrounding how someone would get themselves blacklisted.  What would you consider animal abuse?  Do you think that if an animal is being fed and watered but tied to a table with only inches to move because she urinated on the floor after being left for far to long without being let out?  You know, just to teach her a lesson not to do that!  Would you consider that abuse?  Would you consider her being thrown out the kitchen door with one arm and left for 5 hours outside in the cold abuse?  You know because she had to be taught a lesson.  Do you think that posting a dog’s picture on Craigslist saying “free to a good home” is abuse.  Would you worry about the dog or say, “hey, that person seemed nice”?  Would you think that tying your “beloved family pet” up on a chain his entire life and calling him “Lucky” abuse?  Would you think it was funny to see him not feel well and say, “boy, you don’t look so good” only to jump in your truck and go to work.  The dog was found dead on his chain later that evening.  But he had shelter and was fed.  Would you consider that abuse?  Would you eat dinner with your family and enjoy the evening while your dog was locked up in a dark garage?  But he had food and water and was let out?  Do you think that is abuse? 
I spoke to the Beaver County Animal Control Officer last week and she educated me on what they look for, how they are trying to stop animal abuse, and how someone would be put on the Do Not Adopt Blacklist.    
First and foremost, if you make that call to animal control about an animal being abused, they have to have probable cause and a warrant to get into the house.
Once the situation has been investigated and the abuser is indeed deemed abusive to their animal, they can be put on this list by the shelter and animal control.  The animal will be taken away to be rehabilitated and found a good home.
Every shelter has a Do Not Adopt Blacklist but is not made public nor can just anyone use it like the general public.  
Some signs they look for in animal abuse:
Someone who adopts and keeps taking the animal back to the shelter
Hoarding situations
Cruelty – beatings, chains, dog fighting, etc.
Neglect – starvation, etc.
Animals running at large
No license or rabies tags if found running at large
Breaking tether laws
A vet makes a call to the shelter regarding the same animal always coming in with something wrong with it
A vet makes a call to the shelter stating the animal is coming in with the same injuries
“I found a stray” when someone keeps bringing in dogs saying they found this stray
Organizations who monitor postings on the internet and see people looking for pit bull puppies, especially the same people

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