Helping animal shelters during the holidays!

Nov 12, 2018 | Pet Health, Pets, Tips and Tricks

Every year Thomas and I donate to the animal shelters for the holidays by not only making a monetary donation but providing the shelter with cleaning supplies and food.  I’ve often thought about the many dedicated and caring volunteers that donate their time and effort taking care of the animals and the shelter.  There is ALOT that goes into being a volunteer and I don’t feel they are appreciated enough.  I’ve put together a list of ways that you can help your local shelter this year and one that I’ve never thought about before was baking a tray of cookies for the shelter employees and volunteers.  Thomas and I are planning on making sugar cookies this year.  Looks like I’ll be buying one more holiday tray and making some extra sweets :-)!

How to help pet shelters during the holidays

  • Walk the dogs
  • Help clean cages
  • Donate sheets, rugs, collars, food, treats
  • Make catnip bags for the cats – I talked to our local rescue and they suggested cutting up old blue jeans, folding catnip inside and sewing the package together.  They said their cats love to play and this occupies their time.  
  • Adopt a pet
  • Volunteer your time whether it be administrative, adoption events, or shelter responsibilities
  • Bring a pet home to foster
  • Follow your local animal shelter on social media
  • Bake something for the shelter volunteers
  • Cash donations – might even be taxable
  • Shop for deals – check your local JoAnn Fabrics or Micheals after the holiday is over for toys and supplies on sale.
  • Donate paper towls 
  • Donate newspapers
  • Advertise the shelter if you write a blog
  • Donate your vehicle
  • Donate baby pools  – My local shelter told me that their puppies love this gift in the summer time!
  • Sponsor a pet for the month – I am told that this helps get these fur babies adopted faster if their adoption fees are paid for.  Some shelters call this a “cage donation”.
  • Pay for a vet bill whether it be something as simple as flea and tick prevention or surgery.  
  • Make a memorial donation in memory of a loved one.

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