Holiday Gift Ideas Part 3

Dec 9, 2019 | Holiday, Maggie Lane Designs

I had plans to send out one post of Holiday Gift Ideas and ended up with three posts.  I woke up this morning thinking of more ideas and just had to put a list together for you.  Christmas has become less personal over the years and I wanted to put some ideas together that are more personal and with more of a homemade crafty feel.  I’m also including some gift ideas that Thomas and I have been given and have given that we really loved.  I really hope that I have helped give you some ideas if you were struggling with someone on your list.  I would love to hear your comments.  I really tried to cover ideas for everyone!

Box of homemade cookies – I know I’m speaking more for myself but I think this gift is a wonderful gift because it is something that can last a few days. This gift can be put out if you have friends and relatives stopping by, have something sweet with your coffee in the morning or take with you to a house party. You can also freeze cookies but honestly, cookies have never lasted that long in my house to have to freeze them :-). I have never shipped cookies but if you decide to do so, they have great packing options on Amazon. You could also use leftover cardboard boxes to cut up and section off the cookies. This could give you a more rustic look. The selection could be totally up to you but make sure you pack tightly with food safe tissue paper and containers. And as I say…It’s all about the presentation! You don’t want your recipient to open up a box of broken goodies that are everywhere!

Lottery tickets – I once got my dad a decorative tin box full of lottery tickets. He loved it! I had the cashier print out a months worth of tickets and every week, my dad looked forward to seeing if he was a big winner! When Thomas and I meet with our aunt and uncle for our Christmas lunch every year, they give us a beautiful ornament containing a Millionaire Lottery ticket that draws in January. We love it! We get a gorgeous ceramic ornament and a chance to win millions!

23 and Me – I think this would be an awesome gift for someone who is really interested in their heritage and family histories. I know I am and would really enjoy getting this gift. Here is something that I did not know until my sister took the 23 and Me test…Just because she is Spanish, French, and Irish does not mean I would be even though we are sisters! Wow!!

Technical Gadgets, iPhones, FitBits, and Apple Watches – From phone cups for your car, the new iPhone 11, Apple watches, to FitBits, this is an incredible gift. For someone who is into fitness, a FitBit from Best Buy is a thoughtful gift to give.

Recipe Book – I think this gift is very sentimental because it takes a lot of time to put together and family recipes can live on. For that special person who loves to cook, this would be a great gift. An adorable recipe card and box full of age old recipes and even some current ones that are your absolutely favorites would be so appreciated.

Live wreath – I love this idea. I’m not a fan of pine but it is very popular and a live wreath on the door can make the house look homey. You can leave it plain, flock it, or decorate it as you like. If you have a door, wall, or pillar that takes direct weather, a live wreath can hold up through the holidays.

Tabletop Christmas Tree – I once did a craft show and did different sized tabletop Christmas trees that I decorated as I would decorate a large tree. They were a hit and still to this day, my old customers tell me how much they still enjoy them. This would be a great gift to add to someone’s holiday decor or give to someone who just doesn’t want to put up a large tree anymore.

Harry and Davids – Purchasing, for example, a fruit-of-the-month club or plant-of-the-month club is a wonderful gift that keeps giving for as long as you select.

For the grandparents – We live in a digital word but wouldn’t it be awesome to get the grandchildren to write in their own words and graphics of all that they enjoy about their grandparents including all the activities they have enjoyed together, ie, vacations, sleepovers, etc. Then have it digitally displayed in a book.


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