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Dec 8, 2019 | Holiday, Maggie Lane Designs

The stores are in full throttle on promoting all their sales and I’m finally checking off an action item of putting together a post of gift ideas.  I was even more inspired after having lunch with a friend who was trying to decide what to get someone in her family and decided that Saturday I wanted to put together some ideas for you all.  I started my day with a plan of getting a post out this morning but that got derailed when Thomas wanted steak salads for lunch and I bought CHICKEN yesterday!  So off I went to Kroger and stepped into a mad house.  It was so chaotic that I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry but I was not going to leave without getting steaks!  As soon I walked in the door, the dogs wanted all of my attention and outside we went to PLAY FRISBEE!!  As I type this post, I’m having a hard time concentrating because my dear, sweet husband is asking me if the peach pie I’m baking is done yet!  I’ve got to block him out and not the timer, stay focused and put this post together.  LOL!  By the way, I hope this pie turns out scrumptious!  I changed up the recipe a bit and on top of that, I have never made a peach pie before!!  Yikes!


Too Faced Lip Glaze

I just bought this at Ulta with my 20% off coupon.  This glaze feels great on your lips and does not feel sticky or dehydrate your lips.  The color is bright and can go with a sparkly silver top for the holidays!  

My favorite body wash!

I bought this Shea Moisture product with Manuka Oil at Walmart and now it is my go to!  Walmart has revamped their makeup and body products and now have a great selection with reasonable prices.

MODA Makeup Brush

I found this brush at Walmart because I wanted an all natural brush to put my finishing powder on.  Brushes can be so expensive so I decided to try the brushes at Walmart and was surprised at how well they work.  I recently spent some time talking to a makeup artist at Ulta and here is a little pro tip:  a brush with thick hair or bristles will give you a thicker look and feel when putting on your powder or foundation but a brush with thinner, softer hair or bristles, will give you a lighter look and feel on your skin.  

Kirklands – Kirklands is a perfect gift to give for someone who is wanting to decorate their house, in need of holiday decorations, wanting to stay warm, or giving a gift card.  You can put together a very nice quality gift such as a blanket and socks, scarf and gloves, or putting together a small bag with an ornament and gift card.  It is also safe if you are buying for your child’s teacher, doctor, mailman, etc.
Barnes and Noble – Barnes and Noble is for that person who loves to read.  Putting together a mug, hot chocolate, candy, and a Barnes and Noble gift card is a great gift.  I was just there and the store has so much more to offer.  They now have children’s toys, games, and their cafe is sooo goooood!!
Homes Goods – We all know I love Home Goods Store.  If you have a foodie friend or know someone who loves to cook, you can buy a quality basket of your choice and fill it with pastas, olive oils, crackers, and dishes for dipping oils and sauces.  Or how about buying a blanket and matching pillow to cuddle up in!
Sephora – Sephora is a great gift for anyone, man or woman.  Urban Decay has some great lipsticks with matching lipliners.  Add a lip primer and lip brush and depending on how much you want to spend, throw in a gift card and that is a great gift.
Ulta – Ulta has both high end and low end makeup, bath products, and perfumes.  You could always purchase a makeover for someone who has been talking about wanting a new look or new products and don’t know where to go.
Kroger or Giant Eagle – A grocery store gift card is something that I have never given before but if I did, I would suggest the recipient could use it to get gas, buy groceries, use it at the floral department, or the pharmacy.
Apple, ITunes, Amazon, GameStop – For all those techies out there, this is the perfect gift!  Maybe you could throw in a bag or a box of popcorn, popcorn butter, favorite candy, and a gift card!
AutoZone – AutoZone is a great gift for someone who loves to work on a car, loves his truck, or needs items such as floor mats.  I once gave a gift of a bucket and filled it with everything to wash and wax a vehicle.  It was a thank you gift for someone who did me a small favor but my gift made a great impact.  Or you could give a gift card and the new cell phone cup holder that has been advertised on TV all day today!  Amazon could also have some great ideas for that car person you have to buy for!
I hope this helps!  As I get older, the idea of gift cards and something small that fits the whole theme is fun to me.  I once put together a gift of wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, thank you notes, decorative note pads, and post-it-notes, and matching pens.  I added a calendar and other desk items and gave it as a congratulations gift…just another idea.  You can get some great deals on this kind of stuff at TJMaxx and Marshalls.  I love wrapping gifts, making bows, and putting together baskets. I think I covered everything from makeup, gas, food, technical, music, to cars and books.  Hope you enjoyed the post!  I will be putting out another one Sunday!

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