How to clean your pet’s bedding, toys, and leashes

Jun 21, 2019 | Tips and Tricks

“Jake was so tired after his bath”.  “He couldn’t wait to get on the couch for his nap”.  

If your like me, I clean everything pertaining to the dogs, i.e., leashes, bowls, bowls, toys, etc.

I’ve taken shortcuts before and literally used wet wipes to wipe down the leashes (only because I knew they wouldn’t chew on them) and I’ve thrown all soft toys and bedding in the washer. When we had Bear, he developed skin allergies towards the end of his life and our vet, Dr. P. recommended I use TIDE Free and Gentle (free of dyes and chemicals) to wash everything including our clothes and blankets. I’ve been using it ever since and now with Jake and Maggie’s stuff as well.

“Just waking up”

But what about hard dog toys like the Nylabone because we all know that Jake and Maggie have many of those!  lol. 

For hard dog toys:
For hard rubber or plastic toys, load up your dishwasher! Skip the detergent—unless you use a botanically-derived soap instead of a conventional one—and use vinegar instead. Arrange the toys on the top rack and run a full cycle. Once the toys dry, the vinegar smell will be gone.  Do all your pet’s cleaning at once: fountains, dishes, puzzle toys, non-leather collars and leashes can all go through the dishwasher for a quick, effective, non-toxic clean.

For soft dog toys:
Did you know that soft toys collect dust mites????  Gross, I know!  Use a natural laundry detergent or simply sprinkle the toys with baking soda and add a few capfuls of white vinegar during the rinse cycle.  You can definitely let them air dry or if your in a hurry, just throw them in the dryer.

DIY Dog Toys Cleaner:
Create a natural cleaner and let the toys soak in a tub or sink.  Mix equal parts water with white vinegar. Scour extra dirty toys with a sprinkle of baking soda, or simply dump the toys in the sink with the solution. For quick cleanups, keep the vinegar and water mix in a spray bottle and wipe down toys with a cloth.

I’ve been using more vinegar and lemon to clean with and will be sure to use vinegar and baking soda in the washing machine and dishwasher to clean the dogs toys.  Check out my blogs HERE and HERE for more natural ways to clean your house and your pet’s items.

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