Milkbone Doggie Sandwiches

Jun 10, 2020 | Pets, Treat Recipes

It’s “Friday Treats Friday” and I’ve created something SUPER simple for you and your pup!  Jake and Maggie turned 3 years old on Monday and because we are giving them a big birthday party on Saturday, I kept it simple.  I got their “Happy Birthday” scarves from Amazon and bought a box of Milkbone Dog Biscuits (Large) at Walmart.  I made them sandwiches by layering the bottom bone with organic peanut butter and capping it off with another bone!  Lab tested, doggie approved!  To make this even more delish, try dipping one end in plain non-fat greek yogurt and freezing them!
I wanted to add a dollop of cream cheese to the peanut butter mixture but after researching “Can you feed your dog cream cheese”, I felt there was conflicting information.  Basically, if you do give your pet cream cheese, make sure it is in infrequent small amounts.  But, it’s preferred that you do not at all.  Cream cheese is high in fat and calories and if your pet is lactose intolerant, there will be some issues.  If you decide to try it, make sure it is plain cream cheese and not flavored.
I was happy with the quality of the scarves.  They were thinner than I expected them to be but very silky so I was happy.  The colors were vibrant and I thought the white background complimented the dogs.  I would have liked them to be a bit bigger but they fit so all was good.  The treats were a hit and the large bones were a perfect size for each dog.  We are going to save the rest for their birthday party so all of their doggie friends can have one!  Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy!

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  1. Barbara

    I’m sure those milk bones were a hit. They look really good and I love their birthday scarves!

    • Bobbi

      Thank you. Bandanas came from They were! Jake was unsure at first but Maggie turned into a vulture and wanted both. LOL. All will be in my blog posts this week. Going to post pictures of their party and where I got everything.


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