Nine plants mosquitos do not like

Jun 12, 2019 | Garden, Maggie Lane Designs, Tips and Tricks

This is a follow up to my post “Natural Mosquito Repellent” that I blogged about this week.  No sooner did I blog about this topic, did I find more information about plants that mosquitos do not like.  Can you imagine adding all of these colors to your yard…wow!  And you would keep the bugs away too!  Whether it be a cluster of one kind of plant or a mixture, your yard could change colors all spring, summer and fall!  

Marigolds – Marigolds release a chemical insecticide that repells bugs and mosquitos.  

Bee Balm – As it grows and blooms in your garden, it releases fragrances mosquitoes dislike (so does basil, by the way). 

Sage – Use sage fresh by crushing leaves and rubbing on your skin or clothing. Or tie a bundle of sage stems (fresh or dried) and toss them into your firepit or chiminea to create a cloud of mosquito-repelling smoke. Light one end of a sage bunch and let it smolder on a fire-resistant tray. 

Variegated Plectranthus  – Just brush it gently or splash water onto leaves, and the odor is released. That odor is what helps repel mosquitoes—and a host of other insects. This plant goes by many names, including Madagascar spur flower, Swedish ivy and mintleaf. Botanically, look for Plectranthus madagascariensis ‘Marginatus’.

Scented Geranium – When crushed or rubbed, scented geranium leaves release their volatile oils. 

Catmint – Catmint is the ornamental cousin of catnip, unfurling scented leaves and beautiful flowers. Less attractive to cats than catnip, catmint also possesses mosquito-repelling qualities.

Mint – To release the strong mint oils in leaves, brush against plants or crush leaves and rub on skin or clothing. 

Mum – Chrysanthemums contain chemical compounds that act as natural insecticides, which are processed and sold as pyrethrum. It’s a go-to natural pesticide for dealing with fleas, ants, ticks, silverfish and bedbugs. 

Thyme – The secret is to crush the leaves to release the volatile oils. 

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