Steak, Broccoli, And Whole Wheat Pasta Dish

Jul 9, 2020 | Pets, Treat Recipes

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s another “Friday Treats Friday” for you and I’m so excited to talk about this “dish” I made for the pups.  I will say this right now…It is LAB TEST, DOGGIE APPROVED!  This isn’t a treat, it’s a whole dish but you can very easily make it into a treat by dehydrating the meat into a jerky.  I was at the store debating on whether I should make Thomas and I a rib eye steak salad or cook up a dinner of steak, veggie, and pasta and bam, it hit me!  We were all going to have the same thing but with seasoning on ours, of course!  Well, if you like your food boiled and completely bland, then check out this Sirloin Strip, Broccoli, and Whole Wheat Pasta Dish for yourself too!
It is safe to give your pet whole wheat pasta?
I admit, when we had our last 3 dogs, Bear, Bella, and Lady, I would give them a noodle or two but with Jake and Maggie, they do not get people food.  But what about whole grain pasta?  Whole-grain pasta has extra health benefits for your pet, because whole-grain pasta is a good source of fiber and complex carbohydrates, which give dogs energy.  Besides, it’s low in calories and fat. Whole-grain pasta is commonly thought as healthy dog food but if your pet has a wheat allergy, it is best to keep him away from enjoying a bowl.  Another thing to keep in mind is that pasta sauce is very acidic and should not be given to dogs.
When too much pasta is too much, they will experience the following symptoms:

  • Lack of interest in everyday activities
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive urination
I bought sirloin strips, organic broccoli, and a box of whole wheat pasta which totalled $10.81 and what is so great about this is that it fed 2 dogs and 2 humans with some pasta left over for tomorrow’s lunch!!  Not bad, right?  Jake and Maggie agree that this was an awesome deal.  The important thing to remember when making this dish for your pup is that I boiled the meat in water in a clean pan with zero seasoning.  I boiled the pasta and drained it twice.  I kept the broccoli raw to give the dogs some crunch.

I think Maggie is enjoying herself :-).

Can Jake and Maggie be any cuter in these photos???  LOL!

1 package sirloin steak strips
4 broccoli florets
1 box whole wheat pasta
Put 6 slices of steak strips in frying pan and boil in water until well done, take out and let cool
Wash off broccoli florets and set aside
Boil 1 cup of whole wheat pasta until al dente
Drain pasta twice and let cool
Arrange on a plate for your pup
Note:  Recipe makes enough for 2 – 4 dogs depending on how you cut the steak and broccoli and size of the dog

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