The Nine Different Types of Dog Personalities

Nov 10, 2019 | Pet Health, Pets

I couldn’t wait for this post because I’m so excited to tell everyone that Jake and Maggie passed their TDI test on Friday night.  Thomas and I are very proud of them!  I now have to submit all of the appropriate paperwork and then wait for their certifications to come in the mail.  They said it typically takes 6- 8 weeks!  I participated in two separate tests because we had both dogs scheduled for testing and they could not be tested at the same time.  The classes were booked solid and the testing groups were large with several dogs and their handlers.  We were all in the same boat hoping that our dogs would shine; that all of the training wouldn’t be for nothing.  

Look how big this room is!!!

Thomas took a picture from the Mezzanine upstairs looking down onto the training floor where I was with Maggie!  

The test was broken into 3 large groups with many dogs and their handlers.  I had to test twice as we had both dogs who could not test at the same exact time.  I was nervous but couldn’t let Jake and Maggie sense my feelings.  We all wanted our dogs to pass but we also have to realize that not every dog is made to be a therapy dog.  The average dog’s intelligence is roughly equivalent to a 2- to 2.5-year-old human.  The average dog like the average 2-year-old, can understand roughly 165 sounds, signs and signals.  Dogs not only read our expressions but are masters at body language.  Dogs are more likely to follow a human’s commands when the person first looks at the dog which is a gesture that signals “communicative intent”.  I made sure on Friday that Jake and Maggie were looking at me for every command I gave them.
Every dog is different and there is a huge spectrum of intelligence.  One type of intelligence called “Working” or “Adaptive Intelligence” refers to a dog’s ability to learn and apply new information in appropriate ways.  Dogs also possess “Instinctive Intelligence” which is the animal’s ability to master the tasks it was bred to perform.  Some dogs might be good at running through mazes while others are more clever such as finding or stealing food.
See the Nine Different Types of Dog Personalities
Ace:  The Aces account for 10% of all dogs.  They are excellent problem-solvers with sharp communications skills.
Einstein:  These brainiacs account for approximately 3% of all dogs.  They have excellent memories and problem-solving skills.  Einsteins are “rocket scientists” of the dog world, but they struggle socially.
Stargazer:  These account for approximately 8% of all dogs.  They are commonly seen as aloof and often struggle both socially and with training.
Charmer:  The Charmer profile accounts for approximately 16% of all dogs.  Charmers can be mischievous and are able to read your body language effectively.
Expert:  Expert dogs have a strong memory and sharp problem-solving skills; they account for approximately 7% of all dogs.  Expert dogs tend to be more independent and rely less on humans.
Maverick:  Approximately 7% of all dogs are considered “Maverick,” or very independent problem-solvers.
Socialite:  Socialites are gregarious an interact gracefully with humans.  They account for 22% of all dogs.  Socialites may not possess excellent problem-solving skills, but they do know how to get what they want from us.
Protodog:  Flexible and spontaneous, Protodogs account for approximately 15% of all dogs.
Renaissance Dog:  Renaissance dogs are extremely attentive; they account for approximately 12% of all dogs.  Renaissance dogs are reliable and possess traits from all of the other categories.

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  1. Carla

    Congrats! Cant wait 2 c what new adventures u will have as therapy dogs❤????

    • Bobbi

      Thank you! We have a few things on the list like getting involved in the PitPaws Program at the Pittsburgh Airport and working with people who have PTSD.


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