Tree Hut’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Nov 7, 2019 | Beauty, Life

Happy Friday everyone!  If you are like me, I love Friday!!!  I always look forward to my weekends with Thomas and the dogs.  Thursday night I start planning what I’m going to wear, how I’m going to wear my hair, and coordinating my makeup with my outfits.  I know…crazy, huh?  A girl cannot wear a red top with bright pink lipstick…at least not on me anyway!
I try and do posts on Friday of something that I’m loving. I follow a blog called Southern Curls and Pearls and she talked about Tree Hut’s Brown Sugar Shea Sugar Scrub.  Her entire blog was about loving these products!  So, during my trip to Ulta Beauty, I found Tree Hut’s products and made my purchase. Let me tell you…this stuff is amazing!

First, this scrub smells sooooooo good!!!  I love anything that smells sweet, so this is right up my alley.  ​The large whole sugar grains provide a gentle yet deep exfoliation.  Their scrubs also contain extra-moisturizing Shea Nut Oil to help preserve your skin’s natural moisture and are enriched with vitamin C to keep skin looking young and healthy. All Tree Hut Products are made with Certified Organic Shea Butter and natural extracts. I chose this product not only because it has brown sugar in it but Pistachio Oil which leaves the skin feeling silky after you dry off.  Their products are Paraben Free and DMDM Free.  If you don’t like scooping out the scrub with your hands, try purchasing a small scoop to use instead.

When I opened up the jar, it looked like caramel colored gritty goop, and I thought…oh, geeze, I just wasted my $8.99 but as soon the sweet aroma filled the shower and the scrub hit my skin, I knew this was a product I would love. I could literally feel my skin rejuvenate as the sugar granules exfoliated my skin.  As part of my Thursday night fashion planning routine, I use Tree Hut’s Brown Sugar Scrub to wake up my dry skin for the upcoming weekend!  As always, Jake and Maggie were right there with me!  You can see Maggie’s little face peeking behind the doorway trying to see what I’m doing.  Can’t do anything without my little shadows :-).


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