Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers

Feb 25, 2018 | Book Review, Pets

I’ve been talking about setting up training for Jake and Maggie for awhile now.  After much research, I felt like I had finally found someone who we would want to train Jake and Maggie, so I scheduled a consultation with Zack, one of the Casey Ray Dog Trainers.  Thomas and I were very impressed and signed up the pups!  Can you believe they are 7 months old now!!!!  Anyway, they had their first training session last week and it was so much fun to watch them learn.  They did excellent and we were like two proud parents watching their children!  LOL!  

Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers


Casey Ray’s philosophy can be summed up by explaining that taking all dogs through the 3 proper stages of training, in the proper order, is ideal for success.  Classes are broken down into Puppy Preschool, Obedience and Beyond Intro Classes, and Ongoing Education.  Thomas and I were also happy to hear that Jake and Maggie will receive a certificate to say they can go forward with therapy training (if we choose to do so).  Another benefit to training with Casey Ray’s is that they believe that each individual dog learns at their own pace so there are no set number of classes.

“Just a little tired from training”!

“Maggie listening to me tell her about her next training class on March 1st”!!!!  


Last week, we learned the “Place”, “Free”, and “Let’s Go” commands!  Stay tuned for more videos, pictures, and updates on the pups training! 


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