Celebrating Your Dog On Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2020 | Pets, Products

This is a re-post from 2020 containing more information.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  How are you celebrating it?  We are having dinner with Jake and Maggie at home.

I was so excited when I logged onto Chewy.com and found these adorable dog toys for Valentine’s Day.  As I anxiously awaited my special purchase, I planned out the whole photo shoot in my mind.  The dogs would lay nicely on a perfectly straightened blanket showcasing their logo, with large blue diamond rings, fluffy red roses, and champagne and flute laying around for them to chew on …after the photoshoot, of course!!!!!  Jake wouldn’t plaster his ears to his head and look wild eyed as if he was possessed and Maggie’s black fur would show beautifully in the pictures.  I would know how to angle the camera just right to capture the best lighting.

But…as you can see, none of that happened!  LOL!  But you know what, I’m here to talk about dog products and show my sweet pups and that’s what I’m going to do!  Who cares if Jake looks like he has been possessed and Maggie is one big shadow on her wrinkled blanket:-).  Who cares if I’m laying on the floor trying to get the best shot of Maggie who is getting annoyed with me because I’m taking to long!  They are the most precious things in the world and we are going to celebrate with them on a very special day with fun toys and treats 🙂

Are you looking for links to business selling adorable Valentine’s Day items for your pet, check these out.  I order from these businesses and am always pleased with my order.  The coffee is delicious.  They also have the most adorable pet toys for our fur babies and quality products for the humans too!  Jake And Maggie are here to tell you that they are doggie approved 🙂

www.pamperedpooches.co – use code “2labs” for 10% off

www.puppypaws.shop – use code #2labs” for 10% off.  A portion of the proceeds will go to Joey’s PAW

www.groundsandhounds.com – use code “2Labs” for 10% off

www.avaspetpalace.com – use code “2labs” for 20% off



Impatient much Maggie?

Looking for more ideas?  Scroll down for more blog posts from Two Adorable Labs.  I have an adorable Barkuterie Board to make with Ava’s Pet Palace Treats that I made for Christmas.  If you scroll further, there are related products that can be purchased through Amazon.  Two Adorable Labs makes a commission from your order at no extra cost to you.  As always, it is appreciated.  
Check out Three Dogs Bakery in Sewickley, PA  for some fabulous dog treats.  They even allow dogs inside to pick out their own treat!  Can’t make it in with your dog, place your order for pickup!  Barkville Bakery is another delicious treat you can purchase.  It’s a woman owned business making fresh gorgeous treats.  Check them out!
Check out my About page for Small Business I support for more ideas!  Or browse my “Treat Recipes” if you want to make something special for your pup at home.

Is that a look of irritation Jake?

This adorable blanket was given to my by my friend Kayla, owner of Dox Design who took my website, created my logo, and look to a new level!  
The roses are by fabdog (www.fabdog.com) and are called bendies because they can be twisted and bent in all different ways.  I have not given these to my power chewers yet (more on that when I do) but they are listed as fabtough and made of non toxic materials.  The material is velvety smooth but the warning on the back says that pets should be supervised when playing with this toy.  Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose or detached.  I will definitely be watching over the pups on this one!
The blue diamond ring or Jewel Pop made by Pet Safe is rock solid which is really good because I don’t think Jake and Maggie can chew their way through this toy!  Again, more on that later!  The diamond top screws off to allow the treat to slip on giving this toy extra play time and flavor.  It includes 4 size C rawhide treat rings.  I chose a size large for my big dogs but it also comes in a small for smaller to medium sized dogs.
The Frisco Plush Champagne and Flute Dog Toy, 2-pack is absolutely adorable.   It went well with the whole Valentine’s Day theme in my head, is absolutely adorable, and that’s pretty much the only reasons I bought it.  I was taking a good guess by looking at it on-line that Jake and Maggie would destroy it in 2.5 seconds and when I got it today, I was right.  It is made well but not strong enough for my two little monsters!  It has a squeaky in it so I’m sure the dogs will LOVE that.  I had to hide these toys from them today but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so they don’t have to wait much longer!
The entire order was $68.83 with 20% off, taxes, and free shipping.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful day and weekend!  Hope you have something fun planned.  Comment below…I would love to hear how you are celebrating!  Maybe you can give me an idea or two on how you celebrate with your pet on Valentine’s Day!!!

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  1. Sharon

    Jake and Maggie celebrating their best life!

    • Bobbi

      Awh, yes they are! We just came in from playing Frisbee in the snow. Got our first big snowfall of the year and it was beautiful. Took some cute pictures to show you all later!

  2. Carla D Evans

    I love the toys you found! So cute! ????

    • Bobbi

      Aren’t those adorable! I was so happy when they arrived. Jake And Maggie loved them and we still have the “blue diamond ring” for them to enjoy!


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