Choke collars and how to use them

Sep 30, 2018 | Products

There are many opinions on using a choke chain/collar on your dog and whether they are good for the pet or not.  I admit we do use them on Jake and Maggie but not before we were properly trained in how to put them on and when to use them during training.  They were pulling so badly and that’s when our trainer brought out this contraption called a choke collar.  I was adamant that we would not use one but after being reassured that they would not hurt them if used properly, I was ok with it.  It has worked wonders with the pups and I’m no longer being pulled around the yard.  

“We were working with the dogs in the yard using their prong pinch collars and just decided to drop the leashes and let them run”.  “Maggie loves to play catch and Jake loves to try and lead her”.  


Choke collars should not be used to walk your dog but in training only as quick “corrections”.  Jake and Maggie have stopped pulling because they know the proper command associated with the correction.  

If not used properly, damage to your dog has been directly linked to:

  • Injured ocular (eye) blood vessels
  • Tracheal and oesophageal damage
  • Severely sprained necks
  • Fainting
  • Transient foreleg paralysis
  • Laryngeal nerve paralysis
  • Hind leg ataxia

Please make sure your choke/prong/pinch collar is placed properly on your dogs neck to avoid pain or harm.  It should be placed higher on the neck and not lower as if you were just wearing a regular collar on your dog.  It should also fit properly.  Too much play in the collar will not be beneficial in training them.

If you are unsure of what works best for you and your dog, get involved in an on-line forum to ask questions, make a call to your vet or a reputable trainer, and keep consistent with your commands, training daily, and give positive rewards.  I would also suggest a dog harness but I have to be honest, they did not work for Jake and Maggie.  I had bought a harness recommend for large dogs and their specific breeds and although they looked oh so adorable in them and got lots of attention, it was an exhausting walk to say the least.  Thomas and I were worn out!!  LOL!  

Please see below a very informative and instructional video from K9 Connection Dog Training on how to use the prong collar.  I would love to explain it but feel it should come from a professional. 


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