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Jan 30, 2024 | Pet Health, Pets, Products, Tips and Tricks

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Ever wonder what your pet’s reaction means to something?  Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign is a fun post that sheds light on their behavior based on the month they were born.  Jake and Maggie are Gemini’s born June 8, 2017!  The horoscope (see chart) says they are social butterflies, explorers, and love interacting with others which is very true to their nature.  They love people and get so happy with lots of attention comes their way.
I wanted to lighten up the mood a bit after my last two posts on Pitbulls and Bacteria and would love to know about your pet’s birthday and personality!  Do these horoscopes match?
Zodiac Sign For Your Dog | #zodiac
Pet Horoscopes

Aquarius: Born January 20 – February 18

Aquarius pups are known for their independent and quirky nature. These dogs enjoy a sense of freedom and may appreciate unconventional toys. Allow your independent Aquarius some autonomy in their daily routine. Introduce them to puzzle toys and activities that stimulate their curiosity.

Aquarius is the sign of the rebel and the non-conformist. These individuals are smart as a whip, stubborn, rational and eccentric. Aquarius people and pets alike march to their own beat and make their own rules. Governed by eccentric Uranus, they can be unpredictable at times. They love change and hate being bored. Aquarian canines are always ready for a new toy, trick or getaway. They may not be warm and cuddly, but they’re extremely social and outgoing with people and other pets. In fact, no one makes a better or more loyal friend than these zany canines.

The Treat Tumble Puzzle toy can be a fun and mentally stimulating activity for your Aquarius pet. Its unpredictable bounce will keep them entertained and engaged while also allowing them to engage in independent play.

Pisces: Born February 19 – March 20

Pisces pups are gentle and intuitive. These dogs may be more sensitive to their surroundings, so creating a calm and nurturing environment is crucial. Soft bedding and soothing toys will appeal to their gentle nature. Create a calming environment for your gentle Pisces by ensuring they are surrounded by comfort items, managing their environment to reduce stress, and providing them a safe place to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed.

Ruled by inspirational Neptune, Pisces governs the invisible and the unseen world of inspiration and imagination. These are the dreamers, mystics and musicians of the zodiac. Deeply sensitive and highly intuitive, they need space and quiet. Pisces canines are gentle souls—kind and caring to a fault. They love being close to their humans, sometimes even following them around and sleeping under the covers. They also sense your moods which is why they make excellent therapy dogs. Dozing in a sunny spot with some easy listening music is their happy place.

Explore the Pupford Calming Supplements for your Pisces pet. These supplements can contribute to a serene and relaxed atmosphere, aligning with their gentle disposition.

Aries: Born March 21 – April 19

Aries pups are known for their boundless energy and enthusiasm. If your dog is an Aries, expect them to be the life of the party. They thrive on physical activity and love a good challenge. Interactive toys and engaging playtime will keep your Aries pet content and mentally stimulated. Engage your energetic Aries pet in outdoor games like fetch or agility training. Consider taking them on brisk walks or hikes to satisfy their need for physical activity.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so it’s no surprise that these pets are born leaders. Male or female, these alphas love action and excitement. They are ambitious, courageous, thrive on being the boss and being first. Mars ruled canines are independent, driven and determined. They may insist on walking you rather than the other way around. They have a mind of their own and don’t necessarily come when they’re called. On the plus side, they have big hearts and a loving spirit that is irresistible and contagious.

The Trick Training Course is the perfect addition to your training routine to help your Aries pup overcome new challenges and burn off some excess energy through mental exercise.

Zodiac Sign For Your Dog | #zodiac

Taurus: Born April 20 – May 20

Taurus pets are all about comfort and indulgence. They appreciate the finer things in life, so providing them with a plush bed and tasty treats, as well as keeping them well-groomed and pampered will make them feel right at home. These pets are also known for their loyalty, forming strong bonds with their owners. Create a cozy corner for your Taurus pet with a soft bed and indulge them in relaxing grooming sessions. Taurus pets appreciate calm environments, so consider introducing them to gentle massages.

You can sum Taurus up in one word: cozy! Born in the spring when the ground is lush and warmed by the sun, they’re sensual, earthy and natural. They are also practical, dependable and hard working with a deep love of nature and beauty. Like their human counterparts, Taurus canines can be stubborn and hate change. Do not move their water or food bowl. They also don’t like exercise but need it; make sure they have a regular routine. They thrive on creature comforts met in a physical environment that is quiet and safe. They have a loving disposition and are extremely loyal.

Your Taurus will surely appreciate the Pup Hygiene Pack to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Gemini: Born May 21 – June 20

Geminis are social butterflies, and the same goes for Gemini pups. These curious creatures love to explore their surroundings and interact with other animals. Keeping them mentally stimulated with puzzle toys and introducing variety into their routine will keep them happy. Keep your social Gemini pet entertained with a variety of mental enrichment opportunities and playdates with other pets. Rotate their toys regularly to satisfy their curiosity.

Ruled by mental Mercury, the Gemini sign is associated with communication, information, speaking and media. Gemini dogs are usually vocal. They are always busy and on the move, so they have a lot to bark about. Like their human counterparts, Gemini canines are super smart and highly curious, which can lead to both fun and mischief. Their personality can change from calm to crazy at the drop of a biscuit. But they have a comic quality that is thoroughly charming and will keep you entertained—and on your toes.

Check out the Sodapup Enrichment Chew Toy Pack which provides them with a variety of chew toys and puzzle toys to keep them mentally enriched every day.

Cancer: Born June 21 – July 22

Cancer pups are the nurturers of the zodiac. They crave security and enjoy a cozy environment. These dogs often form deep attachments to their owners and thrive on affection. Creating a safe and loving space for your Cancer pup will bring out the best in them. A sure way to their heart is to spend quality time cuddling and offering affection to them.

Cancer is a water sign, motivated by emotion rather than logic, which makes them sensitive, compassionate and intuitive. Born when the sun is highest, they possess a quiet but intrinsic power and move at their own speed. Cancer canines love their naps and snacks. Because they’re not a fan of exercising, several short walks are better than long hikes. Loud noises are upsetting; they thrive best in safe, cozy surroundings with people they love. Born nurturers, they make good companions to other pets. Best of all, they’re deeply devoted and protective of their human parents.

Consider the Pure Focus Lick Mat to provide a soothing activity for your Cancer pup. Spread their favorite treat on the mat to offer a calming and enjoyable experience.


Zodiac Sign For Your Dog | #zodiac

Leo: Born July 23 – August 22

Leos love to be in the spotlight, and Leo pups are no exception. These natural entertainers enjoy being the center of attention. Providing them with toys that allow them to showcase their skills or even considering dog sports or agility training can keep your Leo pup engaged and content. Let your Leo dog shine by teaching them tricks and organizing playdates where they can showcase their skills. Engage them in games that allow them to be the center of attention.

Leo is the sign of the king, queen, performer and the lion. They are proud beings who are born to rule, born to shine and love being the center of attention. Naturally charismatic, they exude warmth, vitality and power. Leo canines don’t like competition; they prefer being a single dog in a household that worships them and caters to their every need. They also adore being groomed and pampered and look forward to a trip to the doggy spa. Whether out on a hike or strolling through downtown, these celebrity pups will make you look like a star.

The Pupford Intro to Dog Sports Course is the perfect way to help your Leo pup become the shining star they were born to be.

Virgo: Born August 23 – September 22

Virgos are known for their meticulous nature, and Virgo pups are no different. These dogs appreciate cleanliness and routine. These dogs thrive with a predictable schedule, regular grooming visits, diligent hygiene habits, as well as a well-organized living space. Keep your Virgo pup’s environment clean and organized. Engage them in routine grooming sessions and introduce them to mentally stimulating activities.

Virgos get a bad rap. They are said to be critical, obsessive and overly analytical. The truth is they care a great deal and want things to be perfect. They are extremely dedicated and hard-working, with high ideals, great integrity and a love of service. Like Gemini, they are ruled by mind planet Mercury so Virgo pups know how to communicate, with their bark, actions or a serious look. They do best with order and routines: same food, same time of day. They also love being clean and groomed. They make great babysitters for kids and pups alike.

The Pupford Dental Care Pack can be a great addition to your Virgo pet’s grooming and hygiene routine. It’s gentle and effective, catering to their meticulous nature.

Libra: Born September 23 – October 22

Libra pups are the peacekeepers of the animal kingdom. They thrive in harmonious environments and can be sensitive to discord. Spending quality time with your Libra dog and providing a balanced routine will contribute to their overall well-being. Create a balanced routine for your Libra pet, incorporating playtime, walks, and quiet moments of bonding.

Ruled by romantic Venus, Libra is the sign of love and marriage. Their goal is to create harmony, beauty and tranquility, so it’s no surprise this sign is associated with the artist, lover and the diplomate. They are known for their charm and have the gift of sensing what others need. Venus-ruled canines have appealing personalities and are deeply attached to other pets and humans. They prefer company rather than being alone and often like to follow their humans around. They’re uncomfortable in a stressful or chaotic environment and value peace and quiet over action and adventure.

Explore getting your Libra pup a Snuffle Mat. This is the perfect addition to their daily routine and provides them with a mental enrichment activity that reduces stress and anxiety.


Zodiac Sign For Your Dog | #zodiac

Scorpio: Born October 23 – November 21

Scorpios are creatures of depth and intensity, and this holds true for Scorpio pups as well. These animals can be mysterious, finding solace in their own private space. Building trust and respecting their need for alone time will help your Scorpio pet feel secure. Provide them with a private space and engage in trust-building activities.

Scorpio is a much-misunderstood sign. They’re known for being sexy and mysterious—which is often true, but it’s really about intensity with this sign. Scorpios know that life is tenuous and live more passionately as a result. They are the shamans and psychologists of the zodiac, exploring deep subjects, living on the edge. Like Scorpio humans, Scorpio canines are private, make serious eye contact and seem to be able to read your thoughts. They love being loyal to one person. It takes them a while to build trust, but when they do, you have a friend and ally for life.

Try the Pupford Yak Cheese Chews for your beloved Scorpio pup. These are the perfect long-lasting chews for them to enjoy while they enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time.

Sagittarius: Born November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius pups are adventurous souls. They love exploring the outdoors and crave mental stimulation. Taking your Sagittarius dog on outdoor adventures and providing challenging toys will keep them engaged and satisfied. Your Sagittarius pup will enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or exploring new trails – don’t forget to let them stop and sniff along the way for some much-needed mental enrichment.

Sagittarius is the symbol of the traveler, the philosopher and the student. They may not know the meaning of life, but they know life has a meaning and are on a quest to find it. For them, life is a daring adventure. They are known for their big dreams, big personalities and a love of travel. Sagittarius canines need room to roam and can feel anxious when they’re forced to stay indoors. They are happiest being outside as much as possible. They have colorful and comical personalities and are friendly (both with people and pets), and make superb traveling companions.

A Long Lead Leash is perfect for your Sagittarius pet’s outdoor escapades. It ensures their safety while still allowing them the freedom to explore.

Capricorn: Born December 22 – January 19

Capricorns are disciplined and goal-oriented, and the same goes for Capricorn pups. These dogs appreciate routine and structure. Training sessions and interactive games that challenge their intellect will appeal to their sense of purpose. Provide them with puzzle toys to satisfy their goal-oriented nature and engage in structured training sessions.

Capricorns are associated with responsibility, authority and power. Ruled by serious Saturn, this sign is known for its drive, determination and strong work ethic. Their symbol is the mountain goat; they have ambitious goals and are not afraid to work hard to climb to the top. Cap pooches aren’t lazy. In fact, they come alive when they have an opportunity to learn a new task or skill. They follow orders and love to complete their duties. They’re great guard dogs and babysitters; they’ll even keep other pets and family members in line.

The Training Treat Pouch is a convenient accessory for your Capricorn pet’s training sessions. It allows you to carry treats and essentials, making training sessions efficient.

Zodiac Sign For Your Dog | #zodiac
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