Surprising Facts About Dog Kisses

Apr 25, 2023 | Pet Health, Pets, Tips and Tricks

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Our pet’s kisses are the best!  And that’s why I’m talking about the Surprising Facts About Dog Kisses.  Jake And Maggie are so affectionate and show us so much love.  We used to call Maggie the “mad licker” when she was a puppy because she would give an over abundance of kisses to us.  LOL.   I first thought she was suffering from some anxiety but realized it was her personality and she was just a happy puppy.  We would get happy little kisses on our legs and arms while her tail would be wagging a mile a minute :-).

Maggie telling me she wants to go play ball

This what Maggie does when she wants something.  In this case, she wanted to go outside to play ball.

Maggie on rugs
1.  There’s a right time and a wrong time for a dog’s love:
Research shows that dogs lick or give us kisses when they are sending non-verbal signals as to whether they are comfortable or not.  Experts say don’t discourage it but don’t force it either.  They say don’t smother your dog with kisses as they might lash out.  Honestly I don’t know about this because I have always given my animals so much attention and they loved it.  There was never a time when they showed any aggression but every animal is different.  While Jake loves and adores 24 hour attention, Maggie loves attention but then likes her space.  Jake loves to be wrapped in a blanket next to me on the couch while Maggie will stay for a short while and then jump off.
2.  Dog kisses indicate social status:
Dogs kiss other dogs to show they, the “kissers” are lower than the dog being kissed.  These social cues are important for pack life and status within the pack avoiding social strife.
3.  Some breeds, and dogs, kiss more than others:
It depends on the training and behavior of each household.  If your pet has not received a lot of kisses, they might be less affectionate in return.
4.  Kisses can be a sensory behavior:
You might smell good to your dog or you might have eaten something that smells tasty to your dog which would cause them to want to lick you or give you kisses.
5.  Dogs kiss some people more than others:
If one member of the family pays more attention to the family dog over the other, the dog might return the affection to that person over the other who does not show as much affection.  Dog kissing is a learned behavior and they mimic what they see and recognize the praise they get from their owners.
6.  Dog kisses date back 10,000 years:
Puppies give their mother kisses when wanting affection or they are hungry.  In return the mother kisses them back.  The mother is their caretaker.  Humans have taken over the role of caretaker and so the pet will kiss their caretaker when wanting affection, food, or a treat.  Or possibly something they enjoy like playing outside, going for a walk, etc.

Jake And Maggie in the yard.

Jake loves to watch Maggie run around the yard and Maggie is waiting patiently for me to throw the ball.  See how happy she is!  

Jake And Maggie outside
But…not everyone loves animal or dog kisses.  You might enjoy your dog kissing you but your friends might not.  I found a great site with helpful information to get your dog to stop licking.
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Love, Jake and Maggie

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  1. Sharon Crnko

    Cute blog! It is a good one to repost on Valentines Day. Gus is in the Maggie camp in the affection department. Shows a little, likes a little, and then moves on!
    We have a new puppy named Joey. He is 9 weeks old. He is a kisser. Hooray! Gus is a mentor, but not easily amused . We have had him for one week. So much work! Take care.❤️

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Oh my goodness! Congratulations! Joey is one lucky puppy :-). Send pics!!!!!

  2. Barbara Bolduc

    Great article! You could have been talking about Milo! We are constantly kissing each other. He doesn’t do it to Jean though just me. But I love it! I even say give me a kiss and he does. I find males are more affectionate than females at least in my case. Savannah wasn’t near as affectionate. I enjoyed your article kiss, kiss! ????????????

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Thank you! Awh that’s so sweet. Milo is a lucky puppy dog :-). Kiss Kiss :-).


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