How To Get The Best Hotel Accommodations For Your Pet

May 24, 2023 | Life, Tips and Tricks, Travel

Hello everyone from Sunny Nashville, TN!  How to get the best hotel accommodations for your pet!  We checked into the Renaissance Nashville Hotel last evening and as we were walking the dogs for their potty break, a thought came to me!  It was 9:30 pm and what if I was walking by myself.  Would I feel safe?  Why was I thinking about this…because the pet relief area is a block away from the hotel, not well lit, in a terrible spot, and has barely any grass with no pet disposal containers.  All these questions were popping up!  Traveling with a pet can be stressful.  They can wake up in the middle of the night and you have to let them out.  Fortunately I have Mr. TAL with me but letting them out alone can feel scary.  It’s so important to ask the right questions when booking your hotel when you have your fur baby tagging along.

A quick stop before heading in for the night. Jake And Maggie in front of the Little Fib Restaurant at the Renaissance Hotel In Nashville

After a day of travel, dinner at The Bridge, and a stop to take a selfie, Jake And Maggie are ready to head back to the room :-). The Bridge had delicious food and the staff were so loving and welcoming to the pups.  The bartenders brought over a big bowl of water and gave them lots of love.  We ordered the burger and quesadillas which were delicious at the chef’s recommendation.

Jake and Maggie at Renaissance Hotel in Nashville
We are here for business so the hotel was chosen for us.  I called ahead of time and was pleased to find out the Renaissance is dog friendly and also pleased to hear that we would be centrally located in the hotel (like on the first or second floor) and to the a pet relief station.   When traveling with Jake And Maggie, I like to be close and have easy access to the outside.  I also want to feel safe.  Unfortunately, when we checked in, we were booked on the 13th floor.  Don’t get me wrong.  This hotel is beautiful and has all the Nashville feels.  The rooms are clean and spacious and the hotel staff is very nice but this experience prompted me to put this blog out.  I apologize for getting this post out late today.  Our evening was filled with work related events and we didn’t get to bed until late.

Pet Relief Area near the hotel. Not very pet friendly.

This area has little grass and a watering system above ground for new planted plants and flowers in front of a federal building.  We felt bad using it but it was our only choice.  Good thing I brought our sturdy poop bags with us!

Pet relief area in Nashville

What to think about when booking a hotel in the city when traveling with your pet:

1:  Specify what floor you want to be on – does it matter to you?  It does to me.  What if your pup is sick and needs to get outside immediately. Are you traveling with an older pet who goes out more frequently.  Do they wake up often throughout the night and need to go out?

2:  Is your pup trained to use potty pads?  Jake And Maggie are not so having easy access to a potty area is crucial.

3:  What kind of pet relief area does the hotel actually have?  Honestly, I should have asked better questions.  When I was told there was a pet relief area, I didn’t think to push and ask what it was actually like and how close it would be to the hotel.  I’ve included photos of what it was actually like and I was a bit shocked.

-Ask how far your room is from the pet relief area.  In our case this week, we have to leave the 13th floor, travel down the elevator, walk through the lobby, out the door, down a block, across the street, and into a small, not so grassy area in front of a federal building, at a main intersection to let the dogs out!!!!!
-Are you in close proximity to the hotel door?
-Inquire about how well lit the area is?
-Is the pet area in the back or side of the building?  –  We once stayed at a hotel in Missouri that said they had a relief area but it was actually in the back of the hotel in between two office buildings and was actually the medial strips that separated the parking lots.
-Will there be poop bags and waste disposal containers available. – Make sure you bring some of your own either way.
-Is there an area for your pup to stretch his/her legs? – We stayed at a hotel in Virginia that said they had an “area” but it was actually a small hill that separated the hotel parking lot with their neighbor.
-Is there a dog park nearby for some play time?
-Does your dog do well in elevators or does riding on an elevator make them stressed?

– Is your dog disabled?  Do they need special accommodations for rooms, steps, elevators, etc?
-Is your pet wearing prosthetics or using a wheelchair?  Will the wheelchair fit in the elevator?
-The hotel at the Renaissance is very large.  Last night, we had Mr. TAL and I, Jake And Maggie, and 7 girls in the same elevator.

Jake And Maggie each taking turns laying next to me on the bed as I type up this blog post!

Their little facial expressions crack me up!  I put on their new vacation bows as we will be staying in Franklin, TN next week and extending our stay incorporating some vacation time.  Two weeks in one of my favorite places…Tennessee!  What a beautiful state!  Stay tuned for more photos and posts from our trip.
Jake derpy look in Nashville
Maggie Nashville

When traveling alone your pet, you need to use the bathroom as well.  How to do that safely!  But you have your dog with you, which can pose a challenge. Have no fear. I have some suggestions:

1:  Stop at a pet retailer (Petco, Petsmart, etc) to use the restroom. Typically they have public restrooms, and they are dog friendly! If you think you may be out in the middle of nowhere for a while and see a pet store from the road, stop to use the restroom. Planning ahead if always a good idea.

2:  Use a rest stop. Sure, rest stops say “no pets allowed” in the facilities, but when you gotta go, you gotta go! Rest stops are great for giving our dogs a chance to do their business, stretch their legs and play.  And some even have designated areas for your pet to play, go potty, and tables and chairs to sit.

3:  Look for tourist stations. Depending on where you are driving, you may come across tourist stops or ranger stations. They may have restrooms that you can use with your dog in tow (or be able to point you in the right direction).

4:  Stop at a veterinarian office. A majority of vets have public restrooms, as most cities have vets! I’m sure the staff won’t mind if you find yourself stopping with your dog to use their facilities.

5:  Visit a large, pet friendly retailer. So many big box stores are dog-friendly nowadays, and most of them have public restrooms! Examples are Lowes, Home Depot, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby.

We have traveled a good bit with Jake And Maggie and I’ve tried to put out travel content for the beginner and seasoned travelers.  I hope you enjoyed this post and that I’ve given you some things to think about.  Check out more posts here if you are interested in travel with your pet!  Scroll further for more travel destinations with the pups!  Enjoy!

Trips With Pets

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