Jake’s Surgery At Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center And Dog Friendly Columbus, OH

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  I previously wrote a post about Jake’s Luxating Patella/Cranial Cruciate surgery last year and we thought we were out of the water.  But our hopes for a successful recovery went wrong.  During that surgery, two screws were placed in the knee and one had come loose approximately 1 1/2 inches which meant Jake had to have a second surgery to remove the screw.  He came home with a drainage tube along with complications from that surgery including serum formation which is a fluid pocket under the tissues.  We made many trips to the vet including several weeks of giving Jake laser therapy but nothing seemed to work.  Laser therapy stimulates the tissue and aids in healing.  A great resource for a deeper understanding of laser therapy for your pet can be found here (https://www.aaha.org/your-pet/pet-owner-education/ask-aaha/laser-therapy/).

Waiting to see medical team at Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center

Dogs at OSU
In January, we were at Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center seeing Dr. Dyce, a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon at OSU.  Our fears were confirmed…Jake’s kneecap had slipped to the side of his knee and was embedded into the scar tissue.  He was suffering with an infection surrounding the knee from the second screw left there and he had to have reconstructive surgery called a TPLO.  We were sent home with antibiotics and pain meds and scheduled for surgery on February 7th.  A great resource to explain what a TPLO surgery means is (https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/cranial-cruciate-ligament-repair-tibial-plateau-leveling-osteotomy-tplo).

Maggie on her way home from OSU without her brother

In this photo, she is panting because she is nervous without Jake.  These two have separation anxiety from each other.  We were hoping she would snap out of it.  She slept on the way home but wouldn’t eat until he was home with her.

Maggie on way home from OSU

Jake after surgery

I didn’t show you the graphic photos of his knee.  I did include some of those in the Luxating Patella post I linked above.  

Jake in his cone
Dr. Dyce’s exact notes:
Jake was placed under general anesthesia on February 7th, the previously placed screw in the tibia was removed.  His stifle (knee) joint was then evaluated.  He was diagnosed with a complete cranial cruciate ligament rupture and medial meniscal tear which were both derided.  He was diagnosed with resorption (absence) of the axial border of lateral meniscus and loss of articular cartilage of the femur and tibia.  In order to address his luxating patella, the patellar groove on the femur was deepened through an abrasion sulcoplasty, mobilization of the tissues on the medial (inside) aspect, referred to as a medial release and tightening of the tissues on the lateral aspect, referred to as a lateral imbrication.  A TPLO procedure was performed to address his cranial cruciate ligament rupture.  The procedure alters the angle of the tibial plateau (shin bone), and thus changes the distribution of forces on the key to compensate for the ruptured ligament.  Finally, the previously placed screw in the tibia was removed.
This surgery normally takes 45 minutes and on Jake it took 3 hours.
Jake resting after surgery
Our experience at OSU was a wonderful one.  We were very happy with the care that Jake received.  Dr. Dyce and his staff were incredible.  It is a teaching hospital so you meet with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students along with the doctor(s).  Jake spent two nights and three days in their care and they kept us in the loop at every stage from prep, to surgery, to recovery.  They checked in with us after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in the evening before Jake’s sleep to give us updates.  We had a follow up yesterday with our primary vet to get his stitches out and to make sure everything was healing properly.  We were given a thumbs up and will wait for April when we go to OSU for a follow up with Dr. Dyce to do an assessment and take more x-rays to make sure everything is ok.  Jake is recovering at home with minimal activity for now.  He is eating normally, normal energy, finished his medications, and is back to his sweet personality.  
Dogs home after Jakes surgery
The total cost of Jake’s surgeries, rehabilitation, medications, x-rays, and miscellaneous costs has totaled $12,000.  We were given best and worst case scenarios and understand that with any surgery there can be complications from this last surgery.  Our hope and prayers are that he is good now and will not need further procedures.  In review, Dr. Dyce feels that Jake’s knee is very stable now.  

Maggie at Town Hall in Columbus,Ohio

Look at this happy face.  She was getting a ton of attention from the wait staff and other customers.  She even made a friend with an adorable little puppy named Milo.  

Maggie at Town Hall Columbus OH
What To Do With Your Dog In Columbus, Ohio:
If you have never been to Columbus, Ohio, it is a great city with lots of restaurants, hotels, and shopping approximately 2 miles from the Medical Center.  We were lucky to find a restaurant called Town Hall where we could take our sweet Maggie.  This is a great place for delicious food with a portion being a Keto friendly menu, friendly staff who love dogs, and cozy atmosphere.  Maggie loved all of the attention she received from our waitresses and we were able to kill some time before going back to meet with the doctor to discuss Jake.  We have been to this restaurant twice now and plan to go back in April.  We ordered the burger, friend chicken sandwich, fries, flatbread pizza, and ended with a delicious cup of coffee.  They have a dog friendly menu for your pup and even give your pup a biscuit to enjoy.  As soon as we sat down, they brought over a bowl of fresh water which Maggie very much enjoyed both.  
Ohio State University
601 Vernon L Tharp St, Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: (614) 292-3551
Town Hall
Health-conscious fare & homemade juices are served in this spacious, woodsy restaurant chain outlet.
792 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 639-8600

Town Hall in Columbus, OH

Burgers, chicken Sandwiches, Fries, Pizzas, Coffees, and Biscuits for your pup!

Town Hall Hamburger
Town Hall Chicken Sandwich
Town Hall Flatbread
Town Hall Dog Menu
Town Hall Dog Menu

Dog friendly hotels and parks in Columbus, Ohio

We were also given recommendations on dog parks with the Audubon Park being the top rated but we chose to go back to OSU and wait.  The lobby is fitted with tables, chairs, and couches with lots of work spaces so bring your laptops!  
It is a 3 hour drive for us one way (with traffic and construction) so we drove it but if we were to stay, I found the pet-friendly Aloft Columbus Easton which sits between the OSU Veterinary Medical Center and the Town Hall restaurant.  In between, there is a park and lots of shopping and dining to experience.  
Maggie is very happy to have her brother home.  She was very depressed without him and would not eat.  She didn’t have much energy but when they saw each other, they brought life back into each other and all was better :-). If you have any questions about these types of surgeries or questions about where to go in Columbus, comment below or feel free to email me.  I would be happy to answer your questions.

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Love, Jake and Maggie

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  1. Sharon Crnko

    Oh no! Jake has gone through so much! Dogs can bear a lot more pain than their humans. It sounds like he is in the very best of care. Being back with Maggie is his support team.❤️ Prayers for your full recovery, buddy.????????

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Thank you so much! Yes, Jake has been through so much. He’s doing really well and loves being with his sister again. We went for a checkup and the vet is very pleased with his recovery. We will be going back to OSU in April for a follow-up.


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