How To Fill Your Dog’s Emotional Cup

Aug 8, 2023 | Pet Health, Pets, Tips and Tricks

Happy Wednesday everyone!  After a month long break from blogging, I’m back and feeling refreshed.  I came across an article recently on How To Fill Your Dog’s Emotional Cup and keeping your pup happy and healthy.  A dog’s emotional cup is just like yours. It’s basically the threshold of social connections, security, and enrichment that your dog needs in order to feel fulfilled.  When dogs are denied the connections and fulfillment they need to thrive, it can deeply impact their behavior and disposition.

How to fill your dog's emotional cup
What empties a dog’s emotional cup?
*Being isolated from other people and animals
*Being confined for a long period of time
*Lack of enrichment opportunities
*Poor health and nutrition
*Negative reactions from people
*New challenges
*Lack of reinforcement
*Unmet needs
*Insufficient opportunities for sniffing, exploring, barking, chewing etc.
Signs your dog’s emotional cup needs filling:
*Increased resource guarding
*Shutting down and not responding to cues they know
*Appetite changes
*Difficulty settling down after excitement
*Escalating behaviors more than normal
*Submissive behavior
*Showing bad or irregular mood
How to fill your dog's emotional cup
How to fill a dog’s emotional cup:
*Include them in the family – Your dog wants to feel emotionally connected to you and the rest of your family. Include them in activities like family walks, visits to Grandma’s house, family dance parties, or even just a movie night at home in your presence.
*Acknowledge them whenever possible – It’s hard to keep our dogs top of mind when we’re busy with work, school, taking care of a family, and tackling an endless to-do list. But whatever attention you are able to give your dog throughout the day goes a long way. Even a quick head pat in between chores can make a difference.
*Give them the freedom to move and make choices – Give your dog a safe space to walk, run, and sniff without too much structure, like in a fenced in yard or on a long leash. Let them take the lead as to where they go, what they sniff, or even what toy they play with along the way.
*Have a space just for them – A crate, a bed, or even a placemat where your dog knows they are safe and won’t be disturbed is a great way to give them an opportunity to recharge or wind down from a stimulating activity.
*Create routines – Dogs thrive with predictable routines. Strive for the same events in a similar order (meal, then walk, then play, then crate time etc.) as often as possible to reduce stress and let your dog know that fulfilling things are coming.
*Give them enrichment – Using their brains (and noses and tongues!) is one of the most fulfilling things for a dog. Think dog chews, snuffle mats, puzzle games, lick mats, etc.
*Provide opportunities to be a dog – Let your dog sniff, forage, bark, chase, and free play from time to time – in a safe and controlled environment, of course.
*Love them unconditionally!
How to fill your dog's emotional cup
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