Comcast’s New “Pet Filter”

Jun 11, 2019 | Pets, Products

“Is Maggie hiding from me?”

“Is Maggie smiling?”


Who doesn’t love to know what their pet is doing when they are not home?  I know we do so we installed NEST to help us keep an eye on Jake and Maggie.  When we bought our new home, we chose Vector Security Company to arm the whole house, all windows, and doors which gave us a piece of mind but it didn’t help us with being able to monitor the dogs.  Now all we have to do is pick up our phone, hit the app, and be able to see the dogs in real time.  There is even a speaker option if we wanted to talk with them.  

Yes, we have a camera pointing at the door to see who is driving up our driveway and walking to our front door.  Yes, we have cameras in the house pointing to specific spots we think are of importance to us but we also watched our dogs habits, ie. Where they like to take a nap, eat, play, etc. and selected the camera position to capture those moments.  Granted, it is up to you how much money you want to invest in security or maybe you contain your pets in one area while your gone but it’s something to think about when checking in on our fur baby.  You want to get the best angle possible.

According to a recent article Comcast just put out on June 6, 2019, according to the nationwide survey of pet owners nearly half (44%) of those surveyed check in on their pets four times a day or more, nearly 2 in 5 (38%) take a peek at their pet(s) during work, and 94% say checking in on their pet is one of the best parts of their day.  To make it easier for Xfinity customers to keep tabs on their pets, Comcast has launched a new ‘pet filter’ feature on its Xfinity Camera. The filter uses artificial intelligence to quickly sort through hours of footage to identify just those with pets in them out of the more than one hundred motion-triggered video clips a typical camera can generate each day.  “We developed this feature to help our customers quickly filter motion-triggered events by people, vehicles, or pets because we wanted to bring them the video clips that matter most even faster,” said Dennis Mathew, Vice President and General Manager of Comcast’s Xfinity Home. “It’s an intelligent home security solution that enables our customers to easily check in on their loved ones from anywhere, anytime.”

  • Did you know that people check in on their pets 73% while on vacation, 59% at a party, 44% at the gym, and 38% at work?
  • Did you know that 62% of pet owners would rather watch their pet vs. 38% looking at the front door?
  • Did you know that 68% of pet owners would rather watch their pet vs 32% being social?
  • Did you know that 74% of pet owners would rather watch a dog vs 26% watching cats?

Check out Comcast’s new “Pet Filter” today!  Whether it’s an Apple product or another company with a different app, you will want to investigate and see if this is right for you.  I can’t tell you how many times Thomas and I have said to each other while out and about…”wonder what the monsters are doing?” And all we have to do was pick up our phones and hit our APP to find out.  It is fun and gives us a piece of mind that Jake and Maggie are ok.  Typically, they are either sleeping or eating and we can go about our business.

“This is Jake and Maggie when they were only weeks old”.  “Even though we crated them in the beginning when we weren’t home, It was great to have a camera on them at all times!”  LOL. 

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