Electrical Safety And Your Pet

Jul 28, 2020 | Health, Pets, Tips and Tricks

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’ve been promising a video from guest speaker, Thomas Domitrovich (AKA My Husband) about electrical safety and pets and here it is!!  Thomas is the Vice President of Technical Sales for Eaton Corporation and has 20+ years in the electrical industry as an Electrical Engineer as well as obtaining his Professional Engineer (PE) License.  He has put together a short video talking about reducing electrical hazards in your home and what to look for if you have pets.  Jake and Maggie also make a guest appearance!  Please enjoy and should you have any electrical questions, please leave them in the comments and I will get back to you.
Jumping for joy
Jumping for joy
A.  Energized Appliances – Is the appliance at your dog’s level?  Can your pet interact with it?  Might they chew on it?
B.  Anything that is energized, be mindful of the cord that is connected to the item and plugged into the receptacle – Where is it draped?  Can the dog pull the appliance off the counter or end table?  Can they chew on the cord?
C.  The use of extension cords – What extension cords do you have distributing power to appliances or to products in the home?  Does your dog have access to those cords?  Might they chew on those cords?  Proper application of the cord – don’t make the mistake of putting an extension cord under your rug to keep it from your pet.  You also create a new hazard because it is not rated for that and could over heat and ignite the carpet on fire.

D.  What is your backup plan?  What do you have in place for when things go wrong?  Two technical interruptors that are important are GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interruptors).  Those technologies will help reduce the likely hood of shock and electrical fires.  Nothing is full proof but we reduce the chances of harm by taking all of these precautions.
Thank you Thomas for putting this video together for me!  You are truly the best!  And thank you to Jake and Maggie for your doses of cuteness!  If you would love to see more electrical safety videos, please comment below.  

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  1. Barbara Bolduc

    Wow Thomas that was really good! You are a natural at speaking and gave some very informative information. And the fur babies did extremely well too. 🐾🐾


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