Flowers and Sunshine

Aug 21, 2019 | Garden, Maggie Lane Designs

​I started the “What I’m Loving” posts because these are things, people, and places that I find enjoyment in and want to share them with you.  We all lead busy lives and sometimes it is nice just to take a moment and try to enjoy what you have.  We lose things, find them again, sometimes in the most unique unsuspecting places.  Friendships come and go and only the true remain.  I am so grateful for my sister and the bond we have built together.  She makes me laugh and when I think of her, I think of flowers because they are like sunshine.  When I think of the love and support I get from my husband, Thomas, I cherish every moment of it.  These two lights in my life bring a smile to my face and keep me going.  So I’m sharing some pictures with you of our yard and of my flowers that I’ve taken with my Sony camera because flowers are “happy” and these are from the people who make me smile.

Thomas and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on July 25th.  I went out to run errands and when I came home, these beautiful flowers were waiting for me…all two and a half dozen!  Check out McClauslen’s Florist in Weirton, WV for these beautiful roses.

When we moved back from Eureka, MO, the first thing I wanted to do was work on our landscape.  I kept saying that we needed color in the yard but was overwhelmed with the size of the yard and what to do.  My sister and I went shopping to Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot, and Iannetti’s Garden Center for ideas.  We chose evergreens for the front and added pinks, yellows, and greens for the back.  I still want to add more but gotta pace myself because new landscape can get pretty expensive!  I’ll wait for next spring :-).  My sister has a good eye for what goes where when it comes to lawn decor, plants and flowers.  She was a big help when we did the front of our house.  We already had the “S” boxwoods planted which gave Thomas and I a head start.
It took me almost the whole spring to do our backyard and there is more to do next year.  When we sit on our back patio or our side porch, it is so relaxing and we can sit back and watch while the backyard blooms in color.  I just wish the little mole we have living in our mulch would stop making a mess in it everyday :-). The little stinker pushes it onto the patio and sidewalks for me to sweep up!
My knockout rose bushes are doing so well and I’m so proud.  They are a combination of bright pink, medium pink, and a tinge of red.  I have never planted knockout rose bushes before and decided to give it a shot.  I’m crossing my fingers they come back next year bigger and brighter!  I bought two bird baths and a bird feeder in she shape of a church from Lowes and now we have two morning doves at our house!

We just planted a row of Thuja Green Giants from along the property line to maintain privacy from the new house built next to us.  Next year I hope to plant more shrubs, trees, and flowers that bring the hummingbirds and butterflies!  I want our yard full of life and color!  I also have some ideas for landscaping around our shed.  Maybe my sister can help me with that???  I also have a friend whose house is beautiful with curb appeal like no other.  I might just recruit her to if she will allow me :-).  With some patience and hard work, we will make our yard our little retreat.   It’s almost time to trim up the shrubs and Japanese Maples again.  Eventually the patio furniture will be put away for next year and I’ll be working on decorating our front porch for the fall!!

Hope you enjoyed my post.

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