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Jul 12, 2019 | Pets, Products

I am so excited to share this post with you!!  My sister sent me a link one night to a company called Grounds and Hounds Coffee.  The title was interesting but I fell in love with the story not to mention the coffee is delicious.  

At Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co, they believe that great coffee can fuel a greater purpose.  Through the sale of their fair trade and organic, specialty coffees, they support rescue initiatives and organizations providing a second chance for pups in need of a helping hand.  20% of all Grounds and Hounds profits are deployed to their rescue organizations working to make the second-chance mission a reality.

It all started in the spring of 2012 when founder and CEO, Jordan Karcher, unexpectedly stumbled upon a dog adoption operating on the side of Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, CA. He was in no way planning, or prepared to adopt a rescue animal when he left the house that morning, but when a malnourished, brown and white, Dalmatian crawled into his lap, it was clear that he would be welcoming a new member to his family. She immediately became the center of my life and I cannot imagine a day without her.  (see video below for the full story)

When you get your shipment in the mail, it comes with your order slip, your merchandise, a return slip, and tiny button that says “Happiness can’t be bought but it can be rescued”!!!  I love that.  There are so many animals sitting in shelters and foster homes right now just waiting to be adopted.  It was hard to get the button to stand up so I hope you can read it ok here in the picture.

We tried both coffees and they were delicious!!  I use creamer in mine but Thomas takes his straight black!  I love that on each side of every bag, it says:  Wake.  Brew.  Rescue.  Repeat.  The names of the coffee are dog referenced as well.  Check out the site at:  You can also order apparel, mugs, and gear too!! 

I love hearing about how a pet has changed someone’s life.  I would love to hear how your pet changed yours!

This post was not sponsored.  All opinions are my own.

“I think Jake needs some Grounds and Hounds coffee”  :-). 


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