Hiking In Pennsylvania And Enjoying Nature With Your Pup

Oct 23, 2022 | Life, Travel

Happy Monday everyone!  We enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend hiking in the hills of Pennsylvania and came upon a beautiful old church.  The Service United Presbyterian Church was established in 1790 and sits upon a gorgeous property with hills all around it.  The church doors open to a sparkling lake and setting full of beautiful trees and falling leaves.

Service United Presbyterian Church 1790

John Anderson Memorial Cemetery and Service United Presbyterian, Church, RD 1, Aliquippa, Pa. Founded 1790. Has graves of forty-nine veterans of five wars. Maintained by offerings on Memorial Day, Homecoming and Interest from Perpetual Funds. Present sanctuary rebuilt in 1928. New basement built in 1963. Sanctuary always open.

We hiked the property and enjoyed a walk down a tranquil country road.  Jake and Maggie got in many sniffs of fresh clean air all the while styling in their new fall bows from The Pampered Pooches.  Use code “2labs” for 10% off your order.
I love this fire hydrant; old and antiqued.  It has weathered many storms and still provides water to all the fire trucks.  Mr. TAL is familiar with the land as he hunted it when he was younger.  I found it interesting when he told me it still pulls water from the lake to fill the fire trucks.

A hike in the park or a walk on a country road is a great way to enjoy the fall scenery with your pup but if you aren’t into that, here are some activities you might enjoy.

1.  Take Your Dog On A Sniffari:

Whether it’s fun on the road or in your own back yard, your pup loves to sniff.  Studies show that dogs who wee allowed “foraging” time were actually happier.  They say when you are training our pup outside, allow them time to smell around. Don’t yank them away when they stop on the walk.

2.  Visit a dog-friendly pumpkin patch:

Many pumpkin patches and fall outdoor businesses are open for autumn and allow dogs during pumpkin picking.  Allow your dog to sniff around and pick his perfect pumpkin!

3.  Plan a photo shoot with your pup:

Plan a photo shoot in the morning or early evening when the sun is just right and hitting the fall leaves.  Take photos of you and your pup in a natural setting.

4.  Take the scenic route:

If your dog loves car rides, take the scenic route with the windows down or cracked a few inches so he can smell the crisp fall weather.

5.  Watch your favorite football game with your pup dressed up in your team’s colors:

This would be perfect for pictures for a holiday card!

6.  Take a hike or walk in the park:

Many cities are becoming more dog friendly and you can find many dog friendly trails and state parks.

7.  Go “twin or treating” with your dog on Halloween:

Take selfies of you and your pup to post on social media.

8.  Plan a pet-friendly cabin or camping getaway:

Check out my travel link for more of our favorite places to stay with the dogs.

9.  Book your dog’s grooming appointment:

This may not be exciting but it’s something you need to plan as groomer’s book up fast.  Make sure your pup is given heart worm and flea/tick prevention.  You don’t want them picking up ticks on their walk.  I’m sure the groomer wouldn’t be happy with you either.

10. Make a list of even more ideas for your dog-friendly fall bucket list:

Still need more ideas? Here’s are even more fun fall bucket list ideas:

• Go apple picking with your dog
• Buy your dog a new fall outfit
• Start planning your holiday shopping list together
• Go through a drive-thru for a latte and a puppucino

11. Have a snuggle fest:

After a fun filled day of fall activities, it’s always fun to snuggle with your pet.  I have to say Jake’s favorite time is snuggling on the couch with me.

12.  Attend a fall harvest fair:

This is a great way to enjoy fall by drinking up some spice apple cider, eating pumpkin pie, and allowing your dog to socialize.  It’s amazing how many people we meet when we have the dogs with us.  They love paying attention to Jake and Maggie.

13.  Jump in the leaves:

Rake up a big piles of leave and let your dog jump in them.  When Jake was a puppy, he loved leaves and always had one in his mouth.

14.  Go camping with your pup:

Find a safe, relaxing spot, build a fire and roast marshmallows with your fur baby by your side.

15.  Have a Halloween party and invite all the fur friends:

Make special dog treats or buy them from a dog bakery.  Decorate, dress up, eat and be merry.

16.  Pay your respects:

And that is exactly what we did today.  We spent time walking through this gorgeous cemetery paying our respects.  There are dog friendly cemeteries such as The Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA and The Bonaventure Cemetery east of Savannah, GA.  Take it from me, we have walked the Bonaventure Cemetery years ago and it is beautiful.

I’m Bobbi Jo, a lab-lover who took my passion for animals and dogs and turned it into something bigger.  When I adopted Jake and Maggie, my love for them became the driving force behind Two Adorable Labs, and my blog was born.  My hope is to not only share them with the world, but to help educate others on the importance of animal health and well-being. 

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    • Two Adorable Labs

      Awh such a sweet story. Yes, it is a very special place. And the dogs had so much fun walking around. The cemetery is kept up very well. So much history there.

  2. Barbara Bolduc

    Beautiful scenery! I just love that little church and the cemetery is so quaint. Perfect surroundings for pictures with your fur babies. I’ll bet they loved running around in the leaves. You do some very unique outings with your family and we appreciate your sharing them with us…

    • Two Adorable Labs

      Thank you. It was a very beautiful day. That little church sat there all peaceful and tranquil on a sunny day. As we were getting Jake and Maggie out of the Jeep, Maggie was wining because she was so excited to go play and walk :-).


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