How I Turned My Spare Bedroom Into A Dressing Room

Apr 25, 2020 | Interior Design, Maggie Lane Designs

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I’ve been wanting to get this post out to you all and I’m finally getting to it.  I had a spare bedroom and bathroom that needed some TLC but I didn’t want to spend A LOT of money on paint and decorating. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to keep it a spare bedroom or turn it into a dressing room and the dressing room won!  I looked at what I had around the house and made a list of what I needed to make my vision come to life.
I chose this room because it gets great sunlight, is a well proportioned room for a dressing room, and has a great closet for all of my accessories.  Plus, it is its own little suite with having a bathroom inside the bedroom.  I could literally have my hair dresser over to do my hair rather than go into the salon.  I also thought about doing some photo shoots in this room as well.
The room was in a desperate state of needing painted and toned down from the bright yellow the previous owners had chosen (as you can see by the closet).  I had leftover paint from other rooms, ordered wallpaper on-line from Home Depot, and purchased a makeup vanity from Ikea.  The other pieces came from our other house in Missouri and from another previous house we owned.  With some spray paint and some hard work, I was able to make it all flow together.  The floor mirror was a gift from my mother.  I have 4 jewelry boxes in each corner that were given to me or came from MO that I painted to match the room.  I already had the ceiling fan and light which matched and worked with the style of the room and with a lamp in each corner, provides great lighting at night.  Let me narrate the pictures for you (with the help of Jake and Maggie, of course).  I hope you like it and can find some inspiration if you are thinking of making over a room to better fit your needs.

My makeup station...

I bought this vanity at Ikea for $100.00, the lamp from Kirkland’s for $40.00, the chair from Kirklands on clearance for $30.00, the mirror from Home Goods for $40.00 and then put my odds and ends together to create a makeup station that would work for me.  

Lipstick Holders

My trip to Marshall’s proved to be just what I needed because I found these lipstick holders in the clearance isle for $4.00 a piece.  The turquoise vase came from Home Goods in MO but I can’t remember how much it was.  I filled it with glass beads and now use it to hold all of my makeup brushes.  I bought plastic storage containers at Ikea to put inside the vanity desk to hold all of my makeup.  


The accessories in this bathroom were the jumping off point for my color scheme.  I had thought about buying all new accessories but what I had in storage worked and again, didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Everything here came from Walmart when I bought my very first house (many years ago).  If you have never experienced owning your first home, there is nothing like it.  It is an incredible and amazing feeling of accomplishment!  The picture above the toilet was a gift from my sister when I bought my house and the angel is from Thomas a few Christmas’ ago.

Curling Iron Holder...

I don’t like laying my curling irons out and having the cords tangled or worrying about them catching something on fire.  I had this metal and glass garbage can from years ago that I had saved and this is where I store them when not in use.

Decor and filing cabinet...

I bought these candle sticks in MO at an estate sale for $2.00 a piece and found the green topiary balls at Marshalls for $6.00.  The filing cabinet they are sitting on was originally black and I spray painted it white.  The other items are all miscellaneous items I had from our house in MO.  I have tissues sitting here and a marble Scott towel holder on the other side because…well, you always need tissues and napkins when putting on makeup.  

My purse closet...

Here is Maggie checking out my new organized purse closet.  I could have bought specific purse hangers but I had a ton of plastic hangers that weren’t being used.  They make perfect substitutes :-).  The black filing cabinet in the corner holds all of my wallets, satchels, and miscellaneous items.

My Wallpaper from Home Depot...

Wallpaper has made a big comeback and I wanted it in this room as a focal point.  I wanted a French Country Glam look and I thought this fit perfect.  Thomas was a big help and instrumental in getting this put up for me as I had never done it before.  

Maggie is a ray of sunshine...

I was able to catch the sunlight on my sweet girl.  I love this picture because she is a ray of sunshine!

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  1. Carla Evans

    Very pretty!!!????

    • Bobbi

      Thank you! This room was so fun to decorate and makes me happy when I walk in.

  2. Sharon

    Very girlie and very pretty! Looks like you really enjoyed making your very own space.

    • Bobbi

      Thank you. I did enjoy decorating this room. I use it every day and the dogs love spending time in there with me. It is part of our morning routine :-).


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