One way to know if your dog loves you

Jan 9, 2019 | Pet Health, Pets

One way to know if your dog loves you
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Last week I did a post (see here), that talked about how dogs show their love for you. This week I want to talk about how smiling at your dog can increase their love and devotion for you.

I had given Jake and Maggie a new toy to play with and as you all know, my little monsters can destroy a toy in 2.5 seconds. It was raining outside so we decided playtime would be in the house. The only thing that I have found that can stand the test of time is a Nylabone (see here). I’ve even tried other toys where the manufacturer swore that my two power chewers could not demolish their product. They were wrong. (see here and here) LOL! Jake and Maggie have become quite demanding and insisted that I play with them. Let me share some photos with you on what “playtime” looks like in our house (when we give them anything other than a Nylabone) :-). Maybe it’s because we started laughing at them??? They had fun and it was no big deal. With a quick sweep with a broom and a vacuum, Thomas and I had the house back in order. Jake and Maggie were very proud of themselves and were thoroughly happy with helping me decorate the house!

It’s honestly so simple. When you share a bond with your pet and they are trusting of you, your smile can light up their world. Studies show that smiling at your dog can boost his or her levels of oxytocin, also called “the love hormone” for its role in building attachment and trust. It goes both ways. Sharing your home with your pet can decrease anxiety and even help you sleep better. Your stress level is lower which in turn can make you happier. Your dog can read your emotions and your smile shows them you are happy which makes them happy and relaxed. So be happy and smile at your pet!!!

“Big smiles”. “So happy”

“Those poor toys didn’t stand a chance”

“Getting tired”

“Time to clean”

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