Online Store Launch With The Pampered Pooches

Mar 2, 2020 | Pets, Products

I’m so excited to tell you that my on-line store has launched!  I am working with three amazing women owned businesses:  Barkville Bakery, Puppy Paws Coffee Company, and The Pampered Pooches.  They not only came highly recommended to me and once I tried their products, I knew why!  I reached out to them about working with me and here we are!  I am now carrying their products on my store for you to take a look.

Trina, owner of Pampered Pooches turned her hobby of making dog belly bands into a full-time business extending her line into pet accessories to pamper your pooch.  She now makes custom made flowers, bow ties, and sailor bows which I carry on my site.  The quality and patterns are phenomenal.  They cannot only make your pet look like a fashionista but are great gifts for the dog or cat obsessed friend!

Log onto and hit “Shop” under “Dog Fashion” or

Stay turned for more products being added.  I will be adding more products from Puppy Paws Coffee and The Pampered Pooches.  My goal is to provide you with other pet related items such as T-shirts and mugs and work with animal charities around the world.  My dream is that one day we will be able to end animal suffering.  Through my store, I hope to make a difference!  

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