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Jun 16, 2020 | Pets, Products, Tips and Tricks

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Thanks for tuning in to the second part of Jake and Maggie’s birthday party.  See the first part HERE.  There was so much information and fun pictures that I couldn’t fit it all into one post.  I’ve been told I’m a crazy dog mom but that is ok with me!  I agree, lol!  Jake and Maggie had a low key 1st and 2nd but from here on out, it’s a big time celebration for these two!  I didn’t feel so crazy after scouring Pinterest, Amazon, and Etsy for ideas and party supplies.  Wow, I kinda felt low key after seeing all the hard work that went into some of these puppy parties people have posted!

Sea Biscuits Artisan Dog Treats

I wanted a variety of treats to give all the party guests (furry guests) through the day.  I normally make dehydrated chicken, beef, and sweet potatoes myself but ran out of time so I ordered these Cod and Salmon jerkies.  Made fresh in small batches, they pack a punch in the smell department but Jake and Maggie loved them.  You can find this company on Instagram @seabiscuitsadt.  

This adorable paw print tablecloth came from Amazon and although smaller than I expected, it is has a satin sheen to it and worked perfectly on the table over a solid black tablecloth.  The paw prints were the perfect size and really complimented the whole party theme!

Fire Hydrant Cupcake Holder and Doggie Plates

I found this cupcake holder and these doggie paper plates on Amazon for the dog’s birthday cake.  I originally wanted to make a “cake” but when I saw this holder, I immediately thought…”Pup Cakes”!!  I will be posting the recipe on Friday so stay tuned for “Friday Treats Friday”.  

Thank You Gift Bags

I found these adorable paw print gift bags, tissue paper, and “Thanks For Celebrating With Us” tags on Amazon.  I have been making my own soy candles and wanted everyone to have one as a thank you.  Each guest got a Cream Brûlée scented soy candle to take home as a thank you for coming to Jake and Maggie’s party.

Doggie Bags

I found these Doggie Bags on Etsy which came with black bone shaped stickers to seal your doggie bag.  The pack also included paper straws with doggie bone prints in red and dog bones in black which was perfect because my color scheme was red, black, brown, and white.  I filled this large glass vase with large Milkbone dog bones so everyone could make a “doggie bag” when they left.  As soon as I feel the candles are perfect, I’ll be selling them in my store!!  Stay turned for my soy candles this year!!!

Agility Course

I found this 3 piece agility course on Amazon and Thomas set it up in the yard.  I thought for the money at $59.99, it was worth it because it was built well, can be easily set up and stored and the dogs enjoyed it.  Jake and Maggie are not thrilled with the tunnel but this gives us something to practice on.

Oreo Cookie Snickers Ice Cream Cake

I couldn’t make a ton of food and not have dessert so I made this Oreo Cookie Snickers ice cream cake with layers of Oreo cookies, French vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, caramel, chocolate fudge ice cream topped with another layer of chocolate fudge, caramel, and mini snickers.  These plates along with matching silverware, napkins and cups were found on Amazon.com.  The menu consisted of my sweet tea, burgers, hotdogs, wings on the grill, oven baked ribs, homemade macaroni salad, fried feta with olives, antipasto salad, watermelon tossed with herbs, feta and arugula, Texas Caviar with beans, Bobbi Jo’s baked beans, baked onions and portobello mushrooms, ice cream cake, and homemade French Vanilla cake with a layer of blackberry infused jam with white chocolate icing.  


Boone was really having a good time at the party!  So wonderful to see his beautiful smile.

Maggie with her Kong frisbee from Chewy.com

I ordered Kong Frisbees in both red and black from Chewy.com to give the pups as their birthday presents.  I wrapped them in doggie themed wrapping paper and we tore them open at the party.  

Boone in his wheelchair

Boone is very mobile and can play just like the other dogs with and without his wheelchair.  He is amazing and a true Ambassador for Joey’s Paw!

Lucy and Burt

Lucy (right) came first and Burt (left) was adopted later from a shelter where he had been left by his previous owners.  He spent a year in the shelter before he was adopted into a wonderful home by Tori and Lucy.  He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.  Some say a shelter dog is bad.  I say they are wonderful and I always say no matter where they come from, they are meant to be loved.

A hilarious photo shoot trying to get all 5 dogs to pay attention!

Boy was this a feat getting 5 dogs to pay attention!  I was laughing so hard!

Those ears! So cute!

Puppy Party

I ordered an extra large pool from Amazon for the dogs to cool off in.  It was going to be located in this area but the weather gave us some rain Saturday morning and cooled everything off.  It wasn’t hot enough for a pool but it was a beautiful day and the weather did work in our favor.  The good thing is now we have the pool to enjoy and can use it next year!

Jake After The Party...

Exhausted is the only word!  He can barely keep his eyes open.  

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  1. Carla Evans

    Some of those pics made me laugh! They all looked so happy and were having a blast! Can’t wait 2 celebrate more with years 2 come????

    • Bobbi

      Thank you! Everyone said their pups were worn out that night. Not that I’m happy about the dogs getting older but can’t wait to plan next year’s party!

  2. Sharon

    BobbiJo you now have a new job! PPP Puppy Party Planner! When I had my business a big part of it was Kid’s parties and I was always fully booked.
    I know people with furry kids would welcome your ideas. Might mean working on weekends!
    I also love the after party Picture of Jake!

    • Bobbi

      Awh thank you!!! You might be on to something :-). Jake was hilarious in that picture. He didn’t even wait for me to put his favorite blanket down on the couch.

  3. Barbara

    Wow what a party! You definitely have a calling on planning fur baby parties. It looks like everyone had a blast! ????????????

    • Bobbi

      Thank you! It was so fun planning this. Maybe I should have a segment on my blog every so often about planning a puppy party!! I’m not excited about the dogs turning 4 but next year needs to be better. Wonder what I’ll come up with?? HMMMM????? :-).


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