Shamrock Shake And A Root Beer Float

Mar 17, 2020 | Drinks, Food

I made it out yesterday and today to run errands and let me tell ya…It is crazy out there!!  I wanted to make sure that we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the Domitrovich household.  I made us an Irish meal (more on that next week) and brought back an old recipe from my childhood…A Root Beer Float!  I haven’t had one in years!!!!  My mom and dad would make these for me and my sister on the weekends.  We would pop popcorn, make our floats and watch movies on Saturday nights :-). With ice cream to spare, I whipped up a recipe on the fly using a few simple ingredients to make my Shamrock Shake and boy o boy was it DELICIOUS!!!!  The only thing missing was Reddi Whip but the stores were sold out.

I got these adorable plastic straws and paper napkins at TJMaxx!  Next year I’ll be looking for Shamrock dishes!  You guys know how much I love dishes!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (Week) everyone!  Enjoy these sweet, yummy drinks!


Root Beer Float


A & W Root Beer
French Vanilla Ice Cream


Pour your root beer into a glass first – If you pour it second, the pop will fizz up over the glass when it hits the ice cream
Add in the desired amount of ice cream

That is it.  Simple, fun, and sweet!  


Shamrock Shake


5 scoops of French Vanilla Ice Cream
1/3 cup International Delight Cold Stone Creamer Sweet Cream
1/2 cup ice
1/2 cup cold water
5 drops of green food coloring

Mix all ingredients together in a blender (I used my Magic Bullet).  You can add more scoops of ice cream but make sure you leave room at the top for Reddi Whip 🙂


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  1. Sharon

    Yummy! Love those childhood memories. Tim’s favorite is Vess cream soda with vanilla ice cream. Mine is black cherry soda and vanilla.

    • Bobbi

      Awh fun!!! I just made Haluski with homemade noodles today…another childhood memory! I can still see my dad rolling out the noodles at our farmhouse kitchen counter 🙂


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