Short Attention Span In Dogs

Sep 27, 2017 | Pet Health, Pets, Tips and Tricks

Updated post:  I had just started blogging and did not know a thing of what I was doing.  This post says it all with a short blurb about grass chewing, 1 picture, and a video.  I’m going through all of my older posts and updating all of them going back to 2017!   This one is in desperate need of updating.  Let’s talk about tips to build your dog’s attention span!
This is Jake chewing on his ball.  Well, I call it his “chewy”.  Then he sees a bug in the grass and it seems that makes him pretty tired watching it.  Then it’s off to have a grass salad in the yard.  Maggie just wanted to go inside to lay on the couch.  I’m assuming Bug watching was to much for her.
Tip 1: Only Use Your Dog’s Name Positively
Tip 2: Training and Refining “Watch Me”
Tip 3: “Watch Me!” On the Move
Tip 4: Overcoming Distraction
Tip 5: Reward Positive Choices
Tip 6:  Starting training your puppy as soon as you walk through the door with him
Tip 7:  Teaching a puppy?  Start with a distraction free learning environment
Tip 8:  Use positive reinforcement
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