Should Dogs Be Allowed In Grocery Stores? Part 2

Mar 12, 2020 | Life, Reviews

Are you dying to know what the majority vote is on whether dogs should be allowed in grocery stores?  See my post from Wednesday HERE.  I promised I would reveal the answer and weigh in on my thoughts as well.

A beautiful blue sky and two big smiles!

Jake and Maggie loved their mini photo shoot this week.  The weather was beautiful for taking these pictures.  But let me tell you all how hard it is to keep two dogs focused while taking pictures….IT IS HARD WORK!  

It looks like everyone agrees with the Food and Drug Administration  – No Dogs Allowed!!

Although everyone loves seeing dogs happy and enjoying what their humans are enjoying, the majority of readers who responded agree dogs should not be permitted to enter the grocery stores.  I am thrilled when I see businesses supporting pets, banks sending out dog treats at the drive-thru window, restaurants designating seating areas for you to be able to dine with your pet, breweries and wineries allowing you to enjoy a beer with your fur baby, home improvement stores welcoming pets into their stores, but I have to agree with the majority.  I thought long and hard about this and I came to the conclusion that not every pet owner takes care and trains their dogs the way I think they should or the way I do.  There would have to be so many rules established and you know that not everyone would follow them.

I had a discussion this morning with someone who didn’t seem to mind seeing a dog in the grocery store.  I asked if he would be turned off if he saw someone’s dog jumping up on the open displays of olives and cheeses and then had to go over and buy olives and cheeses for a dinner party he was hosting.  He thought differently after that.

When I saw the Service Dog in the bread isle at Kroger waiting patiently for his pet parents to choose what bread they wanted, I actually wondered if they had received their certification via mail order or had actually gone through the training classes.  I wondered if the store manager even cared to ask for papers or even noticed the dog.  There is no way I could have asked but boy did I want to.  My first reaction was to say how cute but when I thought about the hygiene and sanitation, I decided to write a blog post about it instead.  I was interested to hear others thoughts.

Thank you to everyone who responded.  I appreciate your feedback and enjoyed writing these posts.

Next week will be fun posts full of recipes for both people and doggies, product reviews, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!!!  


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