Skechers Bobs for Dogs Partners with Best Friends Animal Society

Apr 24, 2018 | Fashion, Products

BOBS from Skechers teams up with Best Friends to support dogs and cats in need.

In a huge step forward in the effort to Save Them All, Best Friends is teaming up with BOBS from Skechers. For every purchase of BOBS shoes, Skechers will make a donation to support Best Friends programs — programs to keep more pets out of shelters and increase the number of dogs and cats placed in new homes. Not only have they created this program, Skechers has committed $3 million to Best Friends and the animals.

As part of the partnership, #BOBS from #Skechers has even created a new #Best Friends line of pet-themed footwear including their signature logo. So, in addition to the lifesaving funding from shoe sales, their no-kill message will be shared with more people than ever before. 

BOBS from Skechers will also serve as the presenting sponsor of Best Friends’ major national events such as #Strut Your Mutt and super adoptions, and participate in additional year-round initiatives.

The BOBS of Skechers’ Best Friends footwear line is currently available at Skechers retail stores and online at  You can also check out #Amazon for styles, prices, and selection.  Thank you BOBS from Skechers for all of your efforts and being the voice these animals so deserve and need.  

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