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Apr 21, 2019 | Pets, Reviews, Treat Recipes

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Thomas and I had a great weekend and celebrated Easter at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, PA enjoying their Easter Buffet!  The buffet includes everything from scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns to homemade waffles and donuts, desserts, seafood, pasta, and prime rib carving station just to name a few.  I had heard the Mimosas are to die for and they did not disappoint!  Thomas said the coffee was delicious but I opted for the alcohol :-). 

This weekend was a productive weekend cleaning out the shed, setting up our outdoor furniture, and making the final switch to a raw food diet for the dogs.  We even ate healthy to!  See my healthy recipe below.

We have had them on Purina Shredded Chicken and Rice but I’ve noticed they are licking their paws a lot.  I took Maggie to the vet for an ear infection but found out that it is chronic inflammation due to a food allergy.  The second ingredient in the Purina food is “wheat” and I wondered if this could be it.  So I went on a mad search for raw dog food and kibble and found Stella and Chewy.  I have had them on the meal mixers and treats for quite awhile now (almost a year) and they love it so I figured I’d give the raw coated kibble a try and you know what????….they have quit licking their paws and Maggie’s ears have almost all but cleared up.  I don’t even have to give them their Benadryl in the morning.  Check out Stella and Chewy’s website at:  I made the switch slowly by mixing the new with the old and this weekend we made the leap to all raw!  I bought one bag at Pet Supplies Plus who carries the whole Stella and Chewy line and the bag was $80.00 for a 22 pound bag.



“This is Maggie waiting for me to get downstairs and get her dinner ready”.  “Such a sweet face”.  LOL!

I wanted to include a quick and healthy recipe that I made this weekend.  We are headed back to MO this week and I needed to clean out the refrigerator.  I did not want to throw good food away so I whipped up something with what I had.  It was colorful, easy to make, and filling.  I wanted to run to the store to buy rib eye steaks but instead gave these meaty portobella mushrooms a try.  Enjoy!!
Cut up cherry tomatoes, onions, asparagus and season in Land O Lakes Whipped Butter (3 tablespoons), olive oil (2 tablespoons) along with a pinch of crushed garlic, garlic salt, pepper, oregano, and parsley.  I did not measure the vegetables.  I then added one zucchini and 1 squash cut up into medallions.  
I sautéed everything together and then added my cooked angel hair pasta and parmesan cheese.  
The portobella mushrooms were sautéed in an iron skillet with a spoonful of butter, olive oil, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and 1/2 cup chicken broth.  I smeared the rest of the crushed garlic along the top.  I then added mozzarella balls to the top and let them melt.  I seasoned with garlic salt and pepper.  

This meal took about an hour to prepare and cook.  

I have a blog called but I’m thinking of combining Two Adorable Labs and Sit Stay Eat together.  What does everyone think?  If so, would you like me to be more specific and more detailed in my recipes?  I typically keep things simple but I would be happy to add more pictures and more instructions.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts 🙂

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