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Jan 22, 2019 | Pet Health, Pets

We have a wonderful groomer in Eureka, MO that we take Jake and Maggie to for their bath and toenail trim.  They leave smelling good and always have a fun bandana tied around their neck.  But…it’s bit of a different story here in WV.  We went from showing up at one location three different times to find the groomer was always late.  We left one groomer because it was absolutely filthy.  But the best was when we found a nice location with friendly service only to return to pick up the dogs and be told they defecated in her salon.  She handed us a tied shopping bag with the feces and said…”You can get rid of it”.  Well, ok then!!  We decided to make use of our doggie bathtub and bath the pups ourselves.  

I like when a groomer is thorough and I always welcome their feedback on the dogs behavior as well.  Some are more blunt than others.  I’ve been told that my dog had cancer by another and I’ve received the look of judgement a few times or so.  I once had a dog thrown to her side and muzzled by a vet who was cutting her nails solely based on the fact that she was part pit/rottie mix.  Her behavior did not call for this type of treatment and she was traumatized by the experienced so badly that it took a very long time for her to settle down while cutting her nails.  This prompted me to research what groomers are really trying to say because our pet’s grooming can be a reflection of us but it was the last time I ever allowed that to happen.  

“Jake is watching a groundhog scamper around the yard”.  “He sat like this for several minutes”

“This is Maggie’s ‘I’m tired” look”.  “She is telling me that she wants to go ‘sleepy night night'” 

“Maggie taking a break from playing frisbee”

I am a big fan of Chewy.com and found this article written back in 2016 talking about the 8 things your dog groomer is trying to tell you.  It was written by Caitlin Ultimo, a writer & editor who has been published on PetMD.  Her work specializes in pet, family & beauty writing.

1. What your groomer says: “Your dog wins Mr. Personality!”
Translation: Your dog is not the biggest fan of being groomed.

2. What your groomer says: “She was very talkative.”
Translation: Your dog made sure that her bark was heard loud and clear.

3. What your groomer says: “Do you want to have his nails clipped?”
Translation: You should probably get your dog’s nails clipped.

4. What your groomer says: “It’s going to be on the short side.”

Translation: Your pet’s fur is very matted, so it all has to go.

5. What your groomer says: “Come in for a free brush-out and lesson.”
Translation: You’re brushing skills could use some work.

6. What your groomer says: “He is clean and happy, but you might want to make a call to your vet.”

Translation: We may have found a tick or fleas, or it looks like he may have an ear infection or other injury.

7. What your groomer says: “She’s not a bad dog, but …”
Translation: We may have had to muzzle her.

8. What your groomer says: “Regular grooming appointments are a good idea.”
Translation: We may notice something that you don’t.

It’s wonderful to hear your pet was a good boy or a good girl and it’s important to ask your groomer questions.  They might not always come out a say what they really mean.  

It would be interesting to hear what your experiences have been.  Have you ever been asked a question and wondered, what did that mean?  The same goes for people.  I was once asked at a nail salon if I wanted my eye brows done.  I was getting a manicure so…no!  LOL

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This is a re-post.  I've been asked to share this post again and I'm happy to do so.  I've always believed animals have amazing personalities and found this so interesting to research.  Enjoy!  Comment below and let me know what you think!     Happy Wednesday...

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