Can dogs have identical twins?

Sep 3, 2019 | Pet Health, Pets

I was sitting around the table at Thomas’ family’s house and we were talking about my blog when his aunt asked me if dogs can be born twins.  I said that I thought so and was going to research it.  Turns out that dogs can be born twins and here is how.  

“Jake and Maggie playing while I was getting ready to run errands”.  “When Jake gets tired of playing, he lays like this until Maggie gives up and walks away”.  lol


“Jake and Maggie make the cutest sounds when they play”.  “They have done this since they were puppies”

Jake and Maggie are brother and sister and born from the same litter of 8 but you can’t tell.  They are different colors, different builds, different personalities and temperaments.  They do not look alike at all but that’s ok because we love them all the same.  Both parents were black labradors but the father had chocolate in his blood line and that’s why we have our little Jakey poo!  

Dogs give birth to multiple puppies at a time, so technically every puppy in a litter is a twin.  Identical, or monozygotic twins, come from the same egg, and therefore share a placenta and, often, an amniotic sac. 

How to Determine Identical Puppy Twins:

  • If you think your pups are really twins, you can take them to get bloodwork done. It won’t take very long at all and after the tests are finished, you will know for sure.
  • When the mother dog is giving birth, try to count the placentas. If there is one less placenta than actual puppies, there is a good chance you have some identical twins on your hands.
  • When you look at the two pups side by side, they may look incredibly similar. A lot of littermates look similar, but these two will be almost completely identical. As the pups grow, many of their markings will show up in the same places.

“Our morning routine…get up at 6:00 am, go outside, eat breakfast, play tricks, chew on our Nylabones, and fall asleep next to dad on the floor”.  Love Jake and Maggie 🙂


Can dogs tell the difference between twins?
Also a study found that trained scent dogs could tell identical twins apart. Yes, a dog can smell the difference between identical twins. Identical twins are not completely the same, and they also have different smells. 


Identical twins or not, I know we all love our dogs but I thought it was a neat topic to research and talk about.  Hope you enjoyed this post.  I’ll leave you with one more picture that we took of Jake this weekend.  Labor Day started off relaxing with a morning cup of coffee and taking pictures of Jake sleeping on the couch.  Then we took a trip to Ross Park Mall to buy a new iPhone at the Apple Store (so expensive, but so worth it).  I got the new iPhone 10Xs in silver and am loving it.  

“Jake was out like a light. I was inches away from his face and he didn’t even know it”.  LOL


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