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Oct 25, 2020 | Pet Health, Pets

Happy Monday everyone!  I had a totally different post planned for today about all of the accomplishments Two Adorable Labs (TAL) has made over the last year!  2020 has been a busy one with a new website, marketing material, online store, candle line just to name a few.  I’m thrilled with all that we have going on.  So much so that I’ll be sharing all of that with you on Wednesday.  But today we are talking cats and their dental hygiene and how to clean your cats teeth.  I’ve done posts like this before on dental hygiene for your pet (HERE) and (HERE) that are very detailed.  If you have questions, these posts will be sure to answer your questions!  But if you still have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to me via your comments below, DM me on Instagram @twoadorablelabs, or my email at!

Playtime with the pups! Enjoying the last of fall!

Jake and Maggie love playing frisbee and especially love jumping in and out of our square shrub designs.  We have a little mole that messes up our mulch all of the time.  He was hiding for these pictures :-). I apologize for not including pictures of cats or kittens for this cat post as I do not own one.  You will have to just accept Jake and Maggie cute faces instead :-). 

Playing frisbee
What to look for:
Today we are talking about your cat’s dental hygiene and what to look for:  
  • When your cat yawns or lets you touch her face, look at her gums. Healthy gums are bright pink, according to Vetwest Animal Hospitals.
  • If your cat’s gums are white, bright red, or even tinged with yellow, she may have an infection or a serious condition such as liver disease.
  • Strong, sharp teeth are equally important for pet parents to maintain. Your cat has thirty adult teeth, and they should be white, without any signs of yellow or brown plaque or tartar (the hard, scaly, or sticky deposits that cause tooth decay and oral disease).
  • A normal cat tongue should be pink. Cat Health writes that if your pet’s tongue is pale white, she may be suffering from anemia, and you should take her to the vet immediately.
  • A cat with bad breath can also be a sign that your cat is dealing with some oral issues.
How to clean your cat’s teeth:
The American Veterinary Dental College advises pet parents new to cat oral care to start slowly. 
  • First, let your cat get used to having her mouth touched.  The sooner the better
  • Take a moment every day to gently rub her face, and lift up her lips to look in her mouth.
  • Once she’s comfortable with that, you can put a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and let her lick it off. Feline toothpaste comes in flavors like chicken and seafood, so she may even view it as a treat.
  • Next, try gently rubbing your finger over her teeth. Once she gets used to the feeling, try an actual feline toothbrush. Don’t forget: You should never brush your cat’s teeth with a human toothbrush or human toothpaste, which contains ingredients that can irritate her stomach and make her very sick.
Other options:
If your cat is older and not used to the process or you have a cat that absolutely will not let you clean their teeth, there are other options:
  • Try an oral rinse
  • Drinking water additives
  • Pet dental chews
  • Specially formulated pet food like Hills Science Diet Adult Oral Care Cat Food which helps to reduce plaque and tarter
  • Take your cat to the vet for a professional oral cleaning which can remove tarter in areas you can’t and allow for x-rays to make sure there is no periodontal disease, abscesses, infections, broken teeth.  This comprehensive cleaning is usually performed under anesthesia.
Jumping in the shrubs
Signs That Your Cat Is in Pain:

  • Eating difficulties
  • Problem gums
  • Stained teeth
  • Loose and broken teeth
  • Tumors on gums
  • Pawing and drooling
Cat Oral Health Problems:
  • Broken teeth
  • Gingivitis
  • Tooth resorption
  • Periodontitis
  • Stomatitis’s mouth
Can I use human toothpaste?


  • Absolutely not. Human dentifrice or toothpaste should never be used in cats. Human teeth cleaning detergents contain ingredients that are not intended to be swallowed and can cause stomach problems in cats.
  • You should also avoid using baking soda to clean your cat’s teeth. Baking soda has a high alkaline content and, if swallowed, it can upset the acid balance in the stomach and digestive tract. In addition, baking soda does not taste good, which may cause your cat to be uncooperative when you try to brush her teeth.

Why is pet toothpaste recommended?


  • Pet toothpastes are considered safe to be swallowed and are available in flavors that are appealing to cats including poultry, beef, malt, and mint. If you use a product that tastes good, your cat will be more likely to enjoy the whole experience.
Jake and Maggie's playtime
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