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Sep 27, 2020 | Pet Health, Pets, Products, Tips and Tricks

Happy Monday everyone!!  We got a delivery on Saturday from SmartyPaws Vitamins for the dogs, see previous post (HERE) and I said to Thomas, between their insurance (HERE), organic food, organic treats, vitamins and probiotics, I need to sit down and calculate what we are spending per month.  Yes, I have a rough estimate but the exact cost, I need to add it all up.  We get 3 deliveries every month not including their food and grooming appointments.  It is rare that I use coupons unless I get one from Stella and Chewy or one is downloadable on the site I’m using.  I do invest in more groceries because I’m making homemade treats every Friday.  Fortunately Jake and Maggie are healthy so other than getting their shots updated and meds for Jake’s allergies (HERE) we don’t spend much at the vet.
Jake sleeping

Here is the breakdown on what we spend on Jake and Maggie between every 4 to 8 weeks.  This does not include any extra toys and frisbees we buy.  Here me say “frisbees”…yes, because Jake loves to chew his up!

Stella and Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble – 2  22 pound bags Chicken – every 5 – 6 weeks – $160.97 – sometimes I get these bags on sale and sometimes I can use a coupon

Dental Chews by Get Naked via Chewy.com – every 8 weeks – $43.21.  I buy 3 different flavors 2 bags each.  Every morning after we do all of their tricks and they spend time in their “place” command (while I drink my coffee), they get a dental stick! – I could save by cutting the dental sticks in half instead of giving each dog a whole one
Apoquel (allergy medication) – $30.00/monthly – Jake definitely needs this right now but what I have been doing is cutting the dosage in half when I can
Probois (probiotics) – $39.99/monthly – I could cut this out because the vitamins I give the dogs take care of gut health
Wagmo Insurance – $60.00/monthly for two dogs – I tried this for one year to see if I like it.  I do and have saved almost $350 so far so I will re-evaluate next year
SmartyPaws vitamins – $53.91/monthly
Paradise Paws (Grooming) – $141.00/monthly includes extra conditioning treatments and tip – We have a doggie bathtub and could give the dogs a bath ourselves…which we have done…but it is so much easier taking them to the groomer
Flea/tick/heartworm prevention – $36.00/monthly – I actually bought the entire year all at once which was $443.00.  I got 2 free applications of each per dog by doing this.
Pups eating socks

I found this article on DogTV the many ways you can save money if you have a pet.  Do you follow any of these suggestions?  Having more than one pet increases all of the expenses.  There was a time when we had three dogs at one time.  As they got older, the vet bills increased but we didn’t care because having Bear, Bella, and Lady meant more to use than anything. We expect this with Jake and Maggie and will do whatever we can for them.

I would love to hear how you save on pet expenses!  Comment below and let me know!

Dog Expenses

Ready. Set. Save!

• Use coupons!
• Look for free trial offers before you buy. DOGTV offers a free “try before you buy” offer (although we think you’ll love it enough to stay!)
• Adopt from a rescue or shelter (instead of from a breeder) We know that there are great breeders out there, but you might be able to find a rescue that has the breed you’re seeking.
• Take a staycation. Coronavirus has caused many of us to stay close to home. Look for free, or low cost, ways to entertain yourselves at home.
• Make homemade treats for your pup.
• Scour YouTube for ways to make dog toys and dog puzzles.
• Swap doggie daycare with a friend. If you can’t afford your local pet sitter or doggie daycare, find a friend with whom you can trade off pet sitting and dog walking.
• Sew your own doggie clothes.
• Don’t “stock up” on doggie clothes or collars when you just bring home a puppy — he will outgrow them before you use them (trust me, I know)
• Shop around for pet insurance before you choose one.
• The more pets you own, the more it will cost you. We know it’s tempting to rescue every pet you see, but check your budget to see if you can afford it.
• Buy the highest-quality food you can afford.
• Choose your pet carefully. Know that some breeds (poodles, for example) will require grooming. Can you afford that on a regular basis? If not, look for a dog who will just require bathing and maybe you can do that at home. OR you could learn to groom your pet yourself.
• Keep your pet at a healthy weight. A healthy pet will require fewer vet visits.
• Keep to a regular veterinarian visit schedule — at least annually. This will help ensure your pet is healthy and can stay healthy.

Maggie so tired

• Big box pet stores are typically less expensive than boutique stores. We don’t like to say that as we certainly support small businesses, but if you’re looking to save money right now, you may need to visit a big box store.
• Instead of paying for pet insurance, start a savings account for your vet bills. Ask your vet for estimates on annual visits, spaying/neutering, dental cleanings, etc. then set aside money each month to pay for those visits.
• Know what type of pet suits your lifestyle. You may not have the time or money for a dog; get a cat or even a fish or reptile.
• Exercise your pet regularly. It’s a great way to bond and you will both stay in better shape!
• Stay current on your pet’s vaccinations.
• Treat your pet for illnesses. For example, it’s easier to have a preventative treatment for your pet for heartworm than it will be to treat the disease.
• Brush your dog’s teeth. If you start brushing your dog’s teeth when he’s a puppy, he will be accustomed to it and you could save on dental cleanings.
• Pet proof your house. If you have a puppy and you have furniture in your home, puppy proof it so he can’t chew it. In fact, training your puppy to chew appropriate items and not your furniture will save you money.
• Train your dog. When you train your dog you could safe her life. Train her to “drop it” and she just might not eat something that will make her ill.
• Learn to train your pet yourself or sign up for group training sessions. With coronavirus in full force, you may not be able to find a group training session — something to keep in mind.
• Make your own dog beds.
• Look for a pet store that has a loyalty club — it’s a great way to save money.
• Comparison shop before you buy.
• Don’t buy more dog food or treats than you need. If you buy too much, they may expire before you use them and you’ve thrown money away!
• Prep for the holidays for pet safety. For example, don’t feed your pet holiday foods, watch out for toxic plants and other items that could make your pet ill.


• Use natural cleaning products in your house to prevent your pet from getting ill.
• Stop buying poop bags. Use disposable grocery bags instead.
• Foster a dog. If you can’t afford all of the costs associated with dog ownership, foster a dog. Even fostering a dog on a weekend is a treat for the dog and for the shelter.
• Get a dog who fits your lifestyle. If you live in a small apartment, don’t get a big dog who requires a lot of exercise, for example. Also, the bigger the dog, the more she will eat.
• If you travel a lot, look for a dog who is a great “traveling size” as that may mean you can take him with you instead of boarding him when you’re gone.
• Teach yourself to trim your dog’s nails.
• Use what you already have at home. Trust me, your new puppy won’t mind using a “previously enjoyed” leash or collar.
• Ask friends to set up a pet toy or pet accessory swap.
• If you use a credit card, look for one that offers points when you shop and use those points for pet products.
• Send in rebates. Many times when I get medicines from the vet’s office they have a rebate — send them in. Take the money from the rebate and put it into your pet savings account.


• Dilute the doggie shampoo you use. There is no problem with diluting the shampoo; it will still work, your dog will still get clean and you will save money!
• DIY pill pockets. Take 1 tbsp of milk, 2 tbsp of flour and 1 tbsp peanut butter. Mix together, form into a pocket. refrigerate until you need to insert the pill.
• Don’t buy lint rollers, you can use a rubber glove to get hair off your furniture.
• Brush your dog regularly to avoid having to clean your furniture to remove excess hair.
• See if your car insurance covers your pet in the event of an accident. If it does, see what you need to do and how you’d need to use it if there was an accident.
• Store your food properly. Don’t keep the dog food in an open bag, invest in a sealed container. Save money by using jars you may have emptied (mayonnaise or mason jars for example)
• Reach out to your favorite food or clothing manufacturer and see if they will trade products for a review on your social media site.
• Make your own dog treats like chicken jerky. You may need to invest in a dehydrator or use your oven to low and slowly dry the chicken, but it’s worth it. You will know exactly what’s in the treat and it’s less expensive to buy chicken breasts and DIY than to buy treats.
• Sign up for newsletters of products and service providers you love. Chances are they will offer discounts and coupons and free trials and you will be the first to know!
• Stay home, curl up on the couch and watch DOGTV! (We offer a free trial and several times a year we offer money-saving codes.)
What are your favorite money-saving tips? We would love to know! Leave us a comment.


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