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Sep 11, 2022 | Life, Travel

This is a re-post:  Mr. TAL and I are in Franklin, TN right now with Jake And Maggie so I thought it would be fun to re-post our last trip here.  We left last week for Nashville on business which led into a vacation in Franklin.  We have hit many restaurants, stores, and seen some very pretty countryside.  I will be posting all about it next week.  We stopped into some of our favorite places (you will see below), said hi to our friends, and took some fun pictures.  Can’t wait to share with you all some of my favorite moments.  Jake and Maggie were mascots at Eaton’s trade show, walked Broadway in Nashville, stayed in the beautiful Harpoth Hotel in Franklin over Memorial Day weekend, and enjoyed many walks around downtown Franklin.  We are currently in a house rental which I’ll also talk about.  Stay tuned for more :-).  Just incase you missed it…check out my blog from Monday on our trip to Nashville and How to get the best accommodations for your pet!


Happy Monday everyone!  We just got back from our Fun In Franklin, TN trip with Jake and Maggie and, as promised, here is a breakdown of everything we did.  We spent 5 days enjoying great weather, delicious food, dog friendly shopping and activities.  Jake and Maggie thoroughly enjoyed themselves, got lots of pets and attention and love Tennessee as much as we do.

Before our trip, I put a 3-ring binder together on where we would be staying, dog friendly restaurants, things to do with your pup in Franklin, and a packet to keep all of our receipts.  Each place had the address and telephone number that I would call ahead and make sure they were indeed dog friendly.  Or Mr. TAL would park in front and I would run in to ask the hostess first before walking two dogs on their patio.  Turns out that most restaurants with outdoor dining allowed dogs and store fronts with “Dog Friendly” stickers on the door or window also allowed dogs in their shops.  If you are interested in knowing more about the restaurants and stores we visited, just click on the blush colored link to their website in this post.

Downtown Franklin and Our Cottage

Downtown Franklin
We drove into downtown Franklin (which is a very quaint little town with lots of restaurants and shops) around 11:30 and decided to eat lunch at Americana Taphouse before checking into our cottage.  They have a great patio with large umbrellas.  The staff is super friendly and brought water bowls out for the dogs.  We each ordered the fish and chips and their homemade skillet chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and caramel sauce.
94 E. Main St.
After lunch, we excitedly drove to our cottage that I found on
Listed on Vrbo as “Spotless Cottage in Gorgeous Setting, pet friendly, miniature donkeys, wildlife” the owners call the house “Iglesita” which is Spanish for “Small Chapel”.  Although it looks like a church, it was never used as one.  It was originally a poll barn but the previous owners used it as an art studio installing the beautiful features such as the doors from a 300 year old church in Baltimore.  The current owners kept the many unique features, installed a kitchen and bath and turned it into what you see today.
This booking is a must!  From the scenic drive leading to the cottage to arriving in front of the beautiful church doors you won’t be disappointed.  Upon entering, you find a gorgeous, spacious, cottage filled with light.  It’s open and airy with all the amenities.  The grounds are immaculate and you can pet the chickens, rabbit, and donkeys on the property.  There are two miniature donkeys (Gunsmoke and Chocolate Chip) that love treats which are sitting in a jar on the kitchen counter.  Not only are there treats for the donkeys, you get a lovely welcome note from the owner and homemade cookies to enjoy!  Let’s just say they didn’t last long :-). After a long drive, they tasted pretty darn good!
The dogs made themselves at home while we unpacked and planned out our evening which included a trip back to downtown Franklin (which is approximately 20 minutes away) for an evening walk around town and some shopping.

Our Cottage - Beautiful, Peaceful, Picturesque

Located on 6 acres, this quiet retreat is just what you are looking for if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Get fresh eggs from the chicken coup, hold the rabbit, or pet the donkeys (just make sure you let the owners know first).  You might even see their adorable cat running up to greet you!  The owners are wonderful.  Contact Judy for any questions or concerns.  She is quick to respond.

Exploring, Shopping, Dining

Exploring, Shopping, Dining
We woke up before the rooster.  The little guy was still sleeping but started to shuffle around when we were letting the dogs out.  We had a slow, lovely morning watching the sun rise.  We drank coffee and planned out our day.  This was a day of exploration driving into downtown Franklin having breakfast at Meridee’s Breadbasket (stuffed French toast and omelet are delicious) then into the quaint little village of Leiper’s Fork.  We hit the The Factory At Franklin (not dog friendly) and bought donuts from Five Daughter’s Bakery and coffee at Honest Coffee Roasters inside the factory.  We drove into the nearby towns of Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station on the Natchez Trace Parkway finally coming back to downtown Franklin to shop and pick up dinner at Mellow Mushroom to take back to the cottage.  We ordered the margarita and pepperoni and cheese pizza.  The Mellow Mushroom has a great space for outdoor dining and does allow dogs but it had rained and all the tables were wet.
Dog Friendly Activities and Shopping:
Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage (see about our day further in the post)
4580 Rachels Lane
Hermitage, TN. 37076
Murals Around Franklin – Self Guided Tour
Shops in Downtown Franklin:  Look for the Pet’s Allowed stickers on the windows and doors of shops and restaurants
The stores start to open around 9:30 am.  In my personal opinion, the best time for us to walk around with the dogs was right after breakfast early around 9:00 am and at night around 8:00 pm.  This trip really wasn’t about me shopping so much as it was to enjoy time with Mr. TAL, Jake and Maggie and there was just less people at those times.  Just an FYI…after 8:00 pm, businesses start to close so if you are there to shop, keep that in mind.  At one point, Jake walked into a store on his own and just sat down in the doorway.  I was so worried about him not being allowed I never got a photo which was so cute!!!  As I was telling him no, I noticed the sticker “Pets Welcome” on the window!  I missed a cute moment!
Walton’s Antique Jewelry
Heart and Hands
White’s Mercantile
Bink’s Outfitters
The Iron Gate
Finnley’s Good Findings
Avec Moi
Hester and Cookshop
Main Street and 4th
Franklin Farmer’s Market (Saturdays)
Dining in Spring Hill, TN
The Spot Burgers and Beers
3011 Longford Drive
Dining in and around Franklin, TN:
Culaccino Italian Restaurant + Bar
104 E Main St
Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
1550 W. McEwen Drive #10
Tupelo Honey
2000 Meridian Blvd #10
Mellow Mushroom
317 Main Street
Kilwin’s Chocolates
405 Main Street
Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant
4142 Old Hillsboro Road
Americana Taphouse
94 E. Main St.
Burger Up Franklin
401 Cool Springs Road
Mcreary’s Irish Pub
414 Main St
Izzy’s Feel Good Food
901 Columbia Avenue
Merridee’s Breadbasket
110 4th Ave. S.
The Draft Room at King’s
1910 Galleria Blvd
There are many wineries, distilleries, and brewery’s.  Some will allow your pet on the property but not in the tasting rooms.  Franklin also has two very unique antique stores to enjoy.  They do not allow dogs but there is seating to sit outside with your pet.
I made my first trip to Publix and hit up a fun shopping outlet called Abby Leigh Gifts.  I bought jewelry and fall decor.

Exploring Nashville, TN

Exploring Nashville
We beat Mr. Rooster up again! We made breakfast, drank our coffee, and planned a trip into Nashville which is approximately 30 minutes from the cottage.  Mr. TAL wanted boots and Lucchese Boots Store in the Gulch area allows dogs!  We spent a good bit of time in there and the dogs did great.  I snapped so many photos of them and the staff was so friendly.  We stopped at UnCommon James (not dog friendly) so I could buy jewelry and then we hit a historic landmark called Christie’s Cookie Co. in Germantown.  Their chocolate chip cookies are delicious.
Nashville is broken down into neighborhoods so we drove down Broadway Street (where all the bars are), Germantown, stopped on the Riverside to let the dogs out, Downtown and SoBro, and East Nashville.
This website breaks down each neighborhood and where you can take your dog.
This website has some great info on dog friendly places in Nashville:
During my searches, I found the following activities to do with your pet in Nashville:
Vinterest Nashville (Antiques)
2416 Music Valley Drive
Nashville Ghost
222 Printers Alley
Walkin Nashville
414 Union St.
We worked up quite an appetite but wanted to get out of the city so we drove back to downtown Franklin to have dinner at Puckett’s Grocery Store and Restaurant.  We sat outside in a shaded area so the dogs could enjoy the breezy weather.  The staff brought out fresh ice water and were so accommodating to us.  Mr. TAL and I had the southern fried chicken and it did not disappoint.  Then it was back to the cottage to relax.

Lucchese Boots

They have a great selection of quality boots for both men and women.  If you are looking to spend a bit more for your boot and want to take your pup along, this is your place!

Puckett's Grocery Store And Restaurant

The Southern Fried Chicken is delicious.  Very crispy with loads of flavor!

Broadway in Nashville

If you have never been, this is something you have to experience.  We only drove through but have spent time in Nashville on a previous trip and walked Broadway and had a drink inside the Honky Tonk.  What fun!   The vibe is so fun and the music booms from inside the bars to the streets.


At the end of Broadway, you see the River.  Here is a great spot for letting your pet out for a walk in the grassy area.  There are lots of big trees to provide shade on those hot summer days!  We had weather in the 80s the entire week!  We took a break next to “The Founding Of Nashville” monument for a bit to let the dogs rest.

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

4580 Rachels Ln, Hermitage, TN
We drank our coffee and watched the sun come up.  This was a day packed full of activities.  Our first stop was Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.  Dogs are allowed on the property but not in the Hermitage buildings so I purchased tickets on-line for a Ground’s Pass for $19.00 per adult.  Jake and Maggie really enjoyed walking around.  The day was perfect with sunshine and a light breeze blowing.  We made sure to bring water and sit down on the benches to give the dogs a rest.  We spent approximately 2 hours there just enjoying our time together.  Dogs are not allowed in the museum, restaurant, or winery.  We headed back to Franklin for lunch at Americana Taphouse and the staff brought out ice water for the dogs.  We had fish tacos and burgers and talked to Kathy Lee Gifford who was sitting at the next table.  She was so kind and sweet.  Next it was back to the cottage so we all could rest up for our evening plans.
114 East Main Street
I had purchased tickets through the Franklin Walking Tours for the Grim and Ghostly tour meeting up at the Landmark Bookstore (another historic landmark).  Brandon was our tour guide and did an amazing job.  He went above and beyond to make sure we were all enjoying ourselves and encouraged pictures and questions.  His enthusiasm in telling the ghostly stories made it so much fun.  The dogs enjoyed themselves during their walk around town and laid down at each stop while Brandon told us of the ghostly tales.  The tour cost us $48.00 and was well worth it.  Check out their website.  They offer different tours which all sound great and they allow dogs which is such a bonus!
206 E Main St,
On our way back to the car, we stopped at JJ’s Wine Bar (another historic landmark) and had a glass of wine.  The dogs were brought ice water in a big bowl and the waitresses were amazing with them.  Jake and Maggie really enjoyed themselves getting so much attention.  It was a beautiful night as we sat out on the patio sipping our wine and listening to the musician singing Jazz, Rhythm and Blues.

Americana Taphouse

Ordered the fish tacos and they were delicious.  Came with homemade nachos and beer cheese.  The waiters highly recommended this dish with blackened fish

Ghost Tour

The following pictures are some of Franklin’s haunted locations.  We also took a group photo at the end of our tour.  You can see we all really enjoyed ourselves.  The process from booking our tour, having a great tour group, to meeting Brandon was perfect.  Everyone welcome Jake and Maggie with smiles and pets.  The owner of Franklin Walking Tours was so friendly on the phone and love that she loves dogs :-).

JJ's Wine Bar

Another haunted location.  I walked through this bar and loved it.  The bar has different rooms to sit in with leather chairs around small tables with candles burning everywhere.  Very romantic…and haunted 🙂

Me and Thomas (Mr. TAL - Two Adorable Labs he is known on the blog)

Leaving Franklin

I was sad to go and I miss it already.  We drove which took us approximately 8 1/2 hours including bathroom breaks and filling up for gas.  We hit some traffic coming home due to an accident.  The dogs did amazing and slept pretty much the whole way except for bathroom breaks.


It was time to pack up and go home.  I was sad.  I love Tennessee and want to retire there.  After this trip it has been decided…this is where we will go!  Franklin is my pick and we will definitely be back.  We stopped downtown at Merridee’s Breadbasket for breakfast where the dogs relaxed while we ate.  I ordered the stuffed French toast with homemade syrup and it was delicious.  We talked to the locals, enjoyed our latte’s, and then it was time to say goodbye.
I hope you enjoyed this post on dog friendly activities in Tennessee.  I would love to hear if you have ever been to Franklin or Nashville!  Please comment below and let me know if you brought your dog with you and all about your trip.  If you know of any dog friendly things to do that I have not listed, please let me know.
I’m Bobbi Jo, a lab-lover who took my passion for animals and dogs and turned it into something bigger.  When I adopted Jake and Maggie, my love for them became the driving force behind Two Adorable Labs, and my blog was born.  My hope is to not only share them with the world, but to help educate others on the importance of animal health and well-being.

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