Historical Roscoe Village

Nov 14, 2017 | Life, Travel

This is a re-post from a few years ago when we went to Historical Roscoe Village that I wanted to put out again.  Summer is here and we are all thinking about vacations.  If you are new to the area, live in Ohio, or thinking of a quaint little village to visit with your pup, check it out!!  Plus I’ve added more photos and informative links for you to enjoy!

Well, it’s been another eventful week for the pups!  As promised, I’ve attached pictures of Jake and Maggie enjoying their birthday.  And guess where we took them????  Historical Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio (www.roscoevillage.com).  Roscoe Village transports you back to a time when the Ohio and Erie Canal was bustling with Canal boats. A restored 1830’s Canal town rich in history, with street lined shops, cobble stone walk ways, visitor center, museums, restaurants, and sprawling gardens and springs.   We woke up to a beautiful fall day where we were fortunate to enjoy the beautiful walking trails, falling leaves, natural springs, and the pitter patter of little paws walking next to us.  After making some calls to the visitor center, we learned that it is a dog friendly village and quickly planned a day trip.


Jake and Maggie listening to their birthday plans!

Aren’t they cute.  Maggie is so inquisitive and Jake is very happy.  I promise 🙂

I called ahead and to my delight found a restaurant in the middle of the village that allowed dogs to dine at their establishment.  So off we went with the birthday boy and girl dressed in their new collars  and leashes!  They loved every minute of their day.  First we walked the trails with a stop for fresh water from their new travel water bowls, then a walk through town where they got LOTS of attention from shop owners and visitors.  We had lunch at The Warehouse Steak N Stein (www.warehousesteaknstein.com) on the patio where non-service dogs are allowed.  Thomas had the Smokehouse Burger with fries and I had the Beer Battered Walleye Fish Sandwich.  Both were delicious.  This was the first dining experience for Jake and Maggie and they were soooo good!  I wish I would have taken more pictures but honestly, I was nervous that they would act up and was more worried about them being relaxed than getting pictures.  The garden court patio was beautiful with moss covered brick pavers and strings of twinkle lights draped from one weeping tree to the other.  The pups got their own bowl of fresh water from out very sweet waitress and after awhile relaxed under our patio table while we finished our lunch.  I got one picture of them under our table!

Have never taken your pet to a restaurant?  Check out my post on Taking Your Pet To A Pet Friendly Restaurant

The four of us enjoyed a wonderful day together and made some happy memories.

If you missed last weeks “Happy Birthday” post, check it out here!

Roscoe Village

Relaxing after a long walk through town!

And one more thing…With two excited puppies in toe, we made sure to wear them out by walking on the trails across the street.  It was safe, scenic, and the pups enjoyed new smells and much attention from other walkers.  So, if you’ve got excitable pups and need to burn off some of that energy, try the trail!  Don’t forget to stop into their quaint little visitor’s center for more information!

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