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Apr 26, 2022 | Life, Travel

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Jake and Maggie took their first trip to Plymouth, MA with us and had a blast.  Mr. TAL had a business meeting and we decided to go with him.  Before we left, I called several restaurants in the area to find out if they had dog friendly dining and was pleasantly surprised at how many places allow dogs.  I also found there are a few places you can actually tour with your pup!  Just be careful.  The places that have outdoor dining may or may not have their patios open.  It all depends on the weather.
Downtown Plymouth is lined with shops, bars, and restaurants and there is no shortage of delicious seafood or any food for that matter.  We had seafood, Italian, and burgers and all were fabulous.  The weather was windy and chilly on Thursday night but moved up into the 60s on Friday with a light breeze.  We, fortunately, did not experience any rain and I was able to get out with the pups for a long walk around town.  I was able to take a few pictures but it is incredibly hard to take a good photo of two dogs who are more interested in their surroundings than me.
This was the first time Jake and Maggie stayed in a hotel and they handled it like champs.  We met Mr. TAL on his breaks from his meetings and got to meet everyone he works with.  There were large groups of people and everyone enjoyed meeting the dogs.  Jake And Maggie lapped up the attention.  It was a good experience for them and they were worn out on the drive home (yes…a 10 hour drive up on Thursday and 10 hours back on Saturday)
We arrived to the Hotel 1620 around 5:00 pm on Thursday night, checked in, dropped our bags, and headed to dinner.  Tavern On The Wharf sits within walking distance to the hotel with a large deck to allow dining with your pup.  We ordered the homemade tater tots, and each got the fish and chips.  After that long drive we each wanted a beer and a glass of Moscato!  I can’t forger that :-).
We drove around town taking in the twinkling lights of downtown Plymouth, romantic restaurants, and locals enjoying a night out. Then it was back to the hotel to relax.  Mr. TAL, Jake, and Maggie slept like logs but I on the other hand not so much.  I never sleep well in hotels.  The entire hotel is dog friendly except for the cafe (which was closed for renovation).  It’s a small hotel with friendly staff and the rooms were clean.  I brought extra blankets to put on the beds because I didn’t want the dog hair getting on the hotel bedding.
Here is a list of items I brought for the dogs incase you are planning a vacation with your pup:
Dog beds
Dog food
Dog treats
Allergy meds
Dog bowls
Water bowls for both travel and for the room
Pet safe dog wipes
Doggie First Aide Kit
Updated name tags
Updated state tags
List of up-to-date vaccinations and shots from the vet
No-pull Leashes
Vacation bows from The Pampered Pooches
Bottled water for breaks
Poop bags
Friday consisted of meet and greets with the pups and a walk to downtown.  Everyone was so kind to us and gave the pups lots of attention.  This was a good experience for Jake And Maggie.  They really enjoyed being out in the warm sun.  The weather was in the 60s and sunny.  The four of us had lunch at the Lobster Hut which is a restaurant right on the water.  They have outdoor dining for your pup where we sat eating fish and chips and watching the sea gulls.
I had called the Plymouth, MA Visitors Center prior to our trip and they were so nice.  They are dog friendly and told us to stop in when we got to town.  Myself, Jake, and Maggie found the adorable little building facing the bay, and stopped in for some pets, smiles, some travel info, and a drink of water.
By 3:00, I could tell Jake And Maggie were getting tired so back to the hotel we went for a nice long nap.  Fortunately, Mr. TAL finished his meeting early and by 4:30 he was knocking on the hotel door.  With my list of restaurants in hand, we decided on ThreeV for dinner which was a short distance by car from the hotel.  What a beautiful place!  The setting is pub type atmosphere with high ceilings, large windows, with brick decor and a great patio with strung lights and black Roth iron fence.  The dogs loved our waitresses and got lots of pets and kisses from the waitstaff.  We enjoyed the food and atmosphere so much that we went back for lunch the next day before heading out of town.  If you ever get a chance to visit, try their burgers, margarita pizza, and cannolis!
More dog friendly touring options in Plymouth, MA:
Visitors Center
130 Waterfront, Plymouth
Village Landing Shops
Jenney Pond
The Plymouth Grist Mill
6 Spring Lane, Plymouth
Bramhalls Country Store
2 Sandwich Road, Plymouth
National Monument To The Forefathers
72 Allerton Street, Plymouth
Brewster Gardens
57 Water Street, Plymouth
Plymouth Rock
79 Water Street, Plymouth
More dog friendly dining options in Plymouth, MA:
114 Water Street, Plymouth
14 Union Street, Plymouth
145 Water Street, Plymouth
I hope you enjoyed our trip to Plymouth, MA as much as we did. Downtown Plymouth is a great place for a stroll through downtown stopping for an ice cream, date night, having a glass of wine on the deck looking over the bay, or enjoying an early morning breakfast while watching the sea gulls dive for food.
I found this information for our trip by searching the web, calling on different places prior to our trip, asking locals around town where to go with dogs, and searching

This sweet face was getting tired!

Waiting for our check on the patio at ThreeV Friday night and Maggie was telling me it was time to go 🙂
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  1. Barbara Bolduc

    Wow what a nice vacation and so informative! I feel like I just went there too. The food looks delicious especially the dessert…lol! ???? Glad the fur babies enjoyed it too. Thanks for posting places you go that are pet friendly. It saves us a lot of work researching when we get a chance to travel. ❤️????????

    • Bobbi

      Awh thank you. We had a great time. Yes, that dessert…yum. Gotta give Mr. TAL credit for that photo! I’m hoping to be posting more on traveling. We plan to take Jake And Maggie with us to Ashville and Nashville this year!

  2. Rochelle Lilly

    Looks like a nice place and dog friendly! Food looked wonderful. Hope you enjoyed yourselves!!

    • Bobbi

      It was a great trip. The food was delicious and the people were so nice and friendly.


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