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Sep 22, 2020 | Interior Design, Maggie Lane Designs

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today I’m giving you the last part of my three part series of my guest bedroom, combining the old with the new (HERE) and spare bedroom, how to decorate with mismatched furniture (HERE) and the Jack and Jill bathroom that connects both rooms.  This bathroom was all about using what I had from previous houses (WV and MO), a few shopping trips, and creating vignettes while also keeping all the color schemes cohesive.  When we moved back from Missouri, we left basically a house full of furniture and home decor items but I chose pieces that I could use in the house here in WV that I wanted to keep.  When Thomas drove our U-Haul home and backed it into our driveway, it was like Christmas for me.  Yes, these items are old but I found new spots for them which made them feel like knew again.
The butterflies were bought at Hobby Lobby buy one get the second 50% off.  I love how they work well with the picture.  They are large so I kept it simple with just 2; one large, one smaller.  I used decorative towels both on the wall and in the shower to keep the eye moving around the room.
Jack and Jill Bathroom
When creating a room or vignette, I try and work with either 2 colors and an accent color or 3 major colors that blend well together.  I also love to blend different metals together.  In this room, I use different metals and I incorporate the colors of the picture throughout the space.  The look I wanted was light and airy so I kept that in mind.  I bought the shower curtain at Walmart several years ago and was able to use it in this space.  I tried using a hand held steamer to steam it but the embroidered flowers make it difficult to iron out.  I almost used this shower curtain as a regular curtain for the window but decided against it.  But that was a thought!
Silk floral shower curtain
I like to layer and I love accent lighting or low lights in the evening.  I used this antique mirror I had found at an antique shop in Pittsburgh and sat my little light on it for a nice glow for the back of the toilet.  Take advantage of where your outlets are.  In this case, my outlet was right next to the toilet.  The figurine was a gift from a friend and the yellow flower popped against the picture.  Here is a little something about me…in every home I have had, I have put a tissue box on the back of the toilet.  Not sure why but I just like it there.  
Picture from Kirklands

I made these florals for a tablescape I created for my cookbook, Sit, Stay, Eat.  I found the metal plant stand at Home Goods but instead of using it on my porch, I put it in the bathroom to hide the plumbing for the toilet and outlet cover.  This plant stand not only serves the purpose of hiding the ugly but allows for more room to hold bathroom items such as towels, toilet paper, etc.  I added these florals in a staggered pattern along with decorative towels with the letter “D” on them for Domitrovich that I found for $4.99 at Gabrielle Brothers in Weirton, WV.  The colors in the silk flowers matched the bathroom perfectly and I found a home for them without having to store them.

Florals from JoAnn Fabrics

This sink is off the guest bedroom decorated in turquoise, black, and cream so I carried the theme into this side of the bathroom and used more muted shades.  Although I have sconce lighting, I love having a stand alone lamp as a focal point.  The metal on the lamp that I bought in Sugarcreek, OH years ago worked perfectly with the picture frame above the toilet and the antique mirror I found in a box in an antique store.  The decorative towels were in our hallway bathroom in Missouri that I got at Tuesday Mornings.

The candle sticks were bought at Three French Hens in Wildwood, MO and the other items were purchased from trips to Home Goods and Kirklands.  I added more towels because you can always decorate with decorative towels!

Jack and Jill bathroom completed
Lamp from Sugarcreek, OH
Jack and Jill bathroom

Pictures are taken from both ends of the bathroom where the sinks are located.  In this space, I carried the colors of cream and shades of pink.

Jack and Jill bathroom
Jack and Jill bathroom

I found these floral towels at Gabrielle Brothers in the discount isle and snatched them up.  The florals were added from what was left over from another arrangement I made in Missouri for our master bath.  The milk jug glass vase was originally a candle that I had bought and I cleaned it out after burning it to use as the base for the arrangement.  

Decorative bath towels

Creating a vignette is so easy.  It’s a matter of finding the pieces that make you happy, that speak to you.  In this case, I used what I had from the house in MO and put them together.  The mirror was bought at a garage sale for $5.00.  My original plan was to hang it but because the counters are so long and the light reflects off the mirror, I chose to lay it with the mirror facing up.  The florals were from Three French Hens and I wanted it to look like an outdoor garden that a bird had built its nest in.  The base of the arrangement was peach in color that my mom had given me and I spray painted it flat pink paint.  The candle stick is from Tuesday Mornings in Missouri.  The key to building a vignette is finding 3 pieces that are small, medium, and large in width and short, medium, and tall in height.  I didn’t have the third piece so I used a tissue box that I had that matched the soap dispenser which I found at Gabrielle Brothers.  You don’t want all of your items to be the same size.  You need height and width to pair in a cluster, stagger on a table or on a fireplace mantle.  Create a color combination with shades of the same color and mix in with your vignette.  Keep the eye moving with various items, shades, widths, and heights.  Add a candle, a lamp, greenery, metal, or wood to create light and texture.  

The three pictures were bought at a yard sale for $6.00.  We had a nook where our toilet sat in our master bathroom in Missouri.  I sprayed painted cheap shelves I found at a yard sale, mounted them behind the toilet and had these pictures sitting on them.  I wasn’t sure that I would need them but they were packed up anyway.  The wall looked sad without anything so with a little tack, I hung them up.  Good thing I kept them!

Home Decor items for a Jack and Jill bath
Home Decor items for a Jack and Jill bath

And finally, this is Maggie inspecting my work.  I hope she approves :-). If you would like to see more pictures of this vignette, check out my visit to Yankee Candle and how I learned how to make candles (HERE).  Speaking of candles, my candle line will coming out soon!  Stay tuned for the announcement.

Jack and Jill bath with florals

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  1. Tonja

    So pretty! Have you noticed your guests don’t want to leave 🙂

    • Bobbi

      LOL! Thank you. My cousin tells me all the time that she loves this bathroom. ha ha



    • Bobbi

      Thank you so much! I forgot to mention in the post that I found the two matching vanity mirrors at TJMaxx for $12.99 a piece! The previous were standard builder grade and very plain. I had to replace those and when I found these and for that price, they were put in the cart immediately!


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