How To Design A Bedroom Using Mismatched Furniture

Sep 15, 2020 | Interior Design, Maggie Lane Designs

Happy Wednesday everyone!!  I was faced with a task of coordinating a room full of mismatched furniture and I’m finally done with decorating our spare bedroom!  What held me up so long?  I had to pick out a ceiling fan!  It was on my list but I just never got around to it until now.  Thomas being the handyman that he is, put it up for me.  When we bought the house, the room had a tiny flush mount 2 bulb light that I HATED.  I didn’t want to go crazy by spending a ton of money since it’s a spare bedroom so I perused the lighting isle at Lowes and found one that matched perfectly for $79!!!!!!  
Read on to see how I pulled 5 pieces of mismatched furniture together and re-finished a nightstand.  

Our spare bedroom

We bought this double bed 13 years ago.  It made its way from Pgh to Mo and home to WV with us.  I bought the comforter, shams, decorative pillows, and bedskirt from Touch Of Class at  

Touch of Class Comforter
decorating on a budget

Floral picture from Kirklands

I bought 2 matching floral pictures from Kirklands to match the room.  Instead of putting them side by side, I chose to split them up on two different walls.

Kirklands pictures

Dresser taken from master bedroom set

I ordered two matching dressers for our master bedroom but decided to split one up and use it in this bedroom.  I loved how the color and distressed look played well with the other cream shades in the room.  Plus, now even though we have mismatched furniture, we have a set!  That wall looked bare without it anyway :-). And yes, that is Jake in the photo helping me take pictures!  Love that boy!

Dresser from Create A Room

Nightstand from Walmart

I bought this nightstand at Walmart and used lamps from Hobby Lobby.  The other items on the nightstand were from Home Goods.  

Nightstand from Walmart

Home Decor Items from everywhere!

I found a home for the second flower picture from Kirklands and then used decor that I had picked up from yard sales and estate sales in Missouri to create the collage.  The clock is from Gabrielle Brothers, the urns from Hobby Lobby, and the lantern and green ball were from Three French Hens.  The green ceramic basket on the left was bought in Missouri at Home Goods and used in our master bath on the garden tub to hold towels.  The candle holder on the floor was bought at Hobby Lobby in Missouri and used to sit on our fireplace hearth.  Now everything has found a new place to call home.

Old World Dresser
Home decor items from Kirklands
floral picture from Kirklands

Curtains and rods from Home Goods

The comforter set has matching curtains but I thought they might be heavy for the room.  The window frame has decorative molding but I just felt the room needed curtains to create a cozy feel.  The room is on the side of the house and doesn’t get direct light so I needed something gauzy and light weight.  The curtains from Home Goods are the perfect touch and color with flecks of gold running through them.  

Home Goods stores

Fifth piece of furniture makes a set

I bought this half moon table at Kirklands last year when they had a 20% sale and used items I already had to fill it.  The water pitcher and bowl is an antique that I found while shopping with my aunt.  The cross came from Kirklands and the vase came from a boutique I worked at in Missouri called The Porch.  After looking at the picture, I think I need something to sit on the bottom shelf.

Buffet table

Refurbished nightstand using chalk paint

This nightstand is one of two that matched a bedroom set I had purchased when I moved into my first apartment.  I eventually gave that set to the Salvation Army but kept this nightstand because I knew I would need it.  The color was an ugly oak wood and didn’t match a thing so I wiped it down, painted it with black chalk paint I had picked up in Berlin, Oh in the Amish Country.  Once it was dry, I then took my sanding block (fine grit) and lightly sanded down the edges and curves to show the oak wood again.  I chose a gold craft paint from Hobby Lobby, took a small painters brush and lightly ran it over the distressed areas I had sanded.  Then I used my finger and rubbed it out making it look more distressed.  I used cream wax to cover the whole dresser and I was done!  The wax preserves the chalk paint and helps prevent color fade.  Using chalk paint is fast, no sanding required, with minimal drying time.  The old brassy decorative handles were wiped off, covered in chalk paint, and then wiped off leaving the handles with a brushed look and eliminating the bright gold.  I then waxed over them and buffed it off.

Chalk paint
Antique dresser
I hope you enjoyed the bedroom tour.  If you are in a decorating slump, just look around your home.  You can find inspiration without even leaving your house.  Have furniture that needs a face lift?  A little paint can transform furniture and give it new life.  I typically decorate using 2 to 3 colors and carry that color scheme around the room.  In this room, I used black, turquoise, and cream to create a peaceful feeling.
If you are interested in seeing more of my house and my home decor ideas, check out these links (HERE), (HERE), and (HERE).

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  1. Carla Evans

    Pretty room and nice job on the refurbished piece!

    • Bobbi

      Thank you! The sunlight kept changing in the room which made me nervous about the pictures.

  2. Sandra Benick

    I loved the finished look of the spare bedroom! Fantastic ideas of mixing various leftovers and refurbishing pieces! You’ve definitely got a talent for decorating girl!

    • Bobbi

      Thank you so much! I try :-). Next up the Jack and Jill bathroom for Wednesday’s post!



    • Bobbi

      Awh thank you so much! I love these kinds of puzzles :-).


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