How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Dec 15, 2022 | Holiday, Maggie Lane Designs, Tips and Tricks

This is a re-post:  Happy Wednesday everyone!  If you are like me, you decorate your tree the day after Thanksgiving.  If so, this might be late but I wanted to post again incase you may have missed it last year and still need tips.    We put up our trees and decorated the house which took the whole weekend.  I was able to find some great deals at Hobby Lobby this year to finish our green tree.  I searched for a topper but ended up making my own bows and used gold bulb picks (similar here) (pictures to follow soon).  I found gorgeous ribbon at Walmart (similar here) and changed out what I had last year.  I added new bulbs to the red tree from At Home that Mr. TAL loves and these gold bulbs to the green tree.
Happy Friday everyone!  We are day 16 into The 24 Days Before Christmas and I’m talking about How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree.  Do you search Pinterest looking for inspiration, find something you love, and then think…how did they do that?  After all the searching and looking, I kinda did my own thing.  Mr. TAL and I put up two trees this year and I wanted to use what we had before I went out and bought everything new.  I made a few updates by buying sticks, bulbs, tree skirts, and garland and incorporated the new with the old.
The thing about decorating a tree is that you can put your own spin on it.  Choose your coordinating color, theme, and style and get creative!  I’ve put some tips together that I’ve followed over the years and always get compliments on my trees.  I hope you find inspiration and can mimic something you like from these photos and videos!
Tips for decorating your Christmas Tree:
If you change the color of your tree every year (not me), invest in tree picks and sprays to fill in the holes in the tree.  Look for natural colors like gold, pearl, pinecones, and greenery that can transition well with changing color themes!  
TIP #2
Pick one color palette to create a cohesive look through out your home.  This will also allow you flexibility to add personal ornaments and decor.
TIP #3
Change up your angel on your tree with bows and picks to create a fuller look and add some pizzazz to your tree.

Videos of my RED tree!

Our living room tree is red, cream, and gold!  

Tips for decorating your Christmas Tree:
TIP #4
Invest in ribbon.

• Use a few types. For maximum color, use two of the same shade. Use two coordinating for a subtle look.
• Wired ribbon is a must for me.  It is easier to work with and holds its shape better.
• For a 7′ tree or smaller, a 2″-3″ ribbon is fine. Any taller, use at least 4 -5″ ribbon for scale.  
• Attach ribbon with wire or use the tree to wrap around the ribbon to keep in place.
• Layer ribbon, tie them together and pull them apart to create a wide ribbon effect.  
• Take a step back and look for holes. Put the picks in those spots. It will add fullness and color.
TIP #5
Layer colors of you ribbon.
Use multiple colored ribbon to create a pulled-together look with maximum design impact!  Pick colors that make the bulbs on your tree pop!
Tips for decorating your Christmas Tree:
TIP #6
Keep tree proportions to your ribbon in mind
The width of the ribbon can totally change the look. Don’t dwarf a small tree with large, overpowering ribbon.  And don’t use small ribbon on a large tree as it will get lost in the pattern of the tree.
TIP #7
A tailored pinch
If styling ribbon on an artificial tree, you can use a branch to grab it for a pleat. But sometimes the branches aren’t in the right place, or don’t create a tight enough hold for a strong pinch. Use a wire to grip the ribbon and attach it to the brach. This creates a tighter pull to create full, voluminous loops than the limbs do. Tie wire around ribbon two times pulling it very taught and twist it to hold.  Make sure the wire does not show.

Our new green tree and a video!

This is our new tree from At Home.  I bought these green bulbs there and used ribbon from Walmart, bulbs from Lowes and Home Goods.  I matched my new tree skirt from Home Goods with the bulbs from Lowes.  I filled in with ornaments I already had but still need a tree topper and will most likely change it up next year a bit.  My ribbon installation needs some work :-). I used green, black, and cream ribbon on this tree this year in two different sizes.

Tip:  Want to buy a new tree, wait until after the holidays and purchase the floor model.  You most likely will get a discount if you ask 🙂

Tips for decorating your Christmas Tree:
TIP #8
Add sparkle.  Besides lights, layering ribbon is a beautiful way to make a Christmas tree look professionally styled. If you don’t want to use multiple colors, use a mesh glitter ribbon to add some sparkle but let another ribbon’s color or designs shine through!  Set your tree lights on a timer to turn on and off at a certain time.  Link it to Alexa and just tell it to turn on and off when you want.  
TIP #9
When you’re having ribbon, every so often stand back and survey how it’s draping. Are you seeing areas that don’t look complete? Is it rotating around the tree at the angle you want it to? The beauty of ribbon is that you can manipulate it however you want, so keep taking breaks to see if you like how the fabric is covering the tree.
Tips for decorating your Christmas Tree:
TIP #10


  • Hang ornaments as close to tree branch as possible.
  • If ornament is on ribbon, loop it around the branch a few times.
  • If ornament is on a wire, pinch it so it’s shorter and not as long.
  • Use crystal ornaments to reflect light and make the tree sparkle.
  • Space out the color pattern of bulbs into a triangular pattern to move your eye around the tree.
  • Create a one color tree.  For example:  gold tree picks, gold bulbs, gold snowflakes, gold ribbons, etc.
  • Incorporate medium and large size bulbs in a triangular pattern around your tree.  Fill in the spaces with a small bulb or tree pick.
TIP #11
Hang ornaments in other places besides the tree.  Put in a bowl as a centerpiece, add a small table top tree on a buffet, add to your garland, put in lanterns on your porch, etc.
Tips for decorating your Christmas Tree:
TIP #12
Create a vintage tree using all antique and vintage ornaments from family or items you have collected from vacations or shopping trips.
Set your theme and add the final touch…a complimenting tree skirt!  
Tips for decorating your Christmas Tree:
And the last tip is very important!
Wrap your fur babies gifts and place them under the tree :-). Jake And Maggie are getting frisbees, balls, dental chews, and stuffed toys this year!  

I pretty much shopped everywhere for these trees…Hobby Lobby, Lowes, At Home, Walmart, Home Goods, ornaments from previous years, and a very special one from my grandmother that sits perfectly in the middle so I can see it.  We also mixed bright white lights with soft yellow this year which looks really neat.  Nothing wrong with mixing lights :-).  Mr. TAL and I were antique shopping on Friday and found some very pretty ornaments.  If you’ve got time, antique shopping is always fun especially around the holidays.  

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