How to stain your front door.

Jul 17, 2019 | DIY, Maggie Lane Designs

I finally got around to staining our front door.  Between all the rain this summer and me procrastinating in getting the door done, it was starting to look pretty bad!  We have a solid wood door that takes direct weather all year around so I got out the steel wool and paint supplies and went to work.  I like to paint and I love to stain but what was fun was to have Jake and Maggie right there with me through the entire process.  The door was open so they could watch the neighborhood and I didn’t have to worry about them running outside.  They were very good with Jake being a little curious of the neighbors and Maggie falling asleep.  

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the right time to decorate so here you go!!!

I made the process very simple this year.  I learned from last year to get all of my supplies first and then start my project!  LOL

What I needed:
Towels to wipe any messes, spills, or drips
Cardboard to put under my door to keep stain from falling on my hardwood floors
1 ladder from Walmart
1 pack of steel wool from Lowes
1 can of Red Mahogany stain from Lowes
1 stir stick for the stain
1 can opener for the paint can
1 2 inch angled brush from Lowes made by Valspar
1 2 inch angled brush from Busy Beaver of a lower quality.  FYI – I should have just bought another Valspar brush.
1 can of Hellman’s Polyurethane
1 vacuum
1 hand held vacuum to collect any dirt

I sanded down the door by hand using steel wool and wiped down the door to get all of the dust off.  This is where my little hand held vacuum came into play.
I then got my clean brush and started staining the door using long even strokes.
I let the door dry and then gave it 2 coats of Polyurethane.  
Once the door was dry, I put my wreath back on the door.

Note:  Don’t forget…do not shake the can of Poly because it will cause bubbles to form and will stick to the brush and your project you are working on.

I made a mental note to buy a new door mat because the one in the picture is in bad shape.  I also made a mental note to pressure wash our porch, sidewalks, and patio too!!  I just bought a new mat from Hobby Lobby and it says “Hello” on it which I thought was cute.  I still have to pressure wash :-(.  I painted the trim around the door white and added white rock around my topiaries.  I used the same color of stain on our shed doors now everything matches.

But what I love is that I got a few items checked off my list and I was very productive that week and the dogs were with me the whole time!!  

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