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Jun 6, 2022 | Design Request, Interior Design, Maggie Lane Designs

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We have been working so much on both the inside and outside of the house that I haven’t had time to put out my Revive and Refresh Package and the mood board I recently helped a friend with.  I’m currently watching Selling The Hamptons and loving it.  I really get into all of these design shows and always find inspiration from them.  I love scouring magazines, Pinterest, personal blogs, and HOUZZ just to name a few to get ideas.  I love decorating, so much so, that I came up with the idea of offering my services and knowledge to anyone who wants to “Revive And Refresh” their home!

Now…I do not have a degree nor am I licensed in the design world but I come from a long line of women who love home decor and are very good at it.  I think I got my design tastes from my mother but I can tell you that everyone in my family have some beautiful homes.  Decorating is one of my passions and I’m a firm believer that if you are passionate about something, you will be good at it.  I want a home that feels like me and makes me happy when I walk into it and that’s what I want for you.

Michelle mood board blue |

My friend contacted me and asked for help with her living and dining room.  Based on the pictures and ideas she sent me, I was able to put two boards together for her along with suggestions and ideas in creating a warm and inviting space she and her family will enjoy.  I also gave her suggestions on products and where to buy them.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go more grey or more brown in her home.  She chose her accents of blue and coral and so I created to boards for her to give her options for both a grey scheme and a grey/taupe color scheme along with a toned down version of her blue and coral accents she wanted.  I also added shades of green and patterns that she didn’t think about in our first conversation.

I named this Revive and Refresh Package Maggie Lane Designs because of Maggie.  My maiden name is Lane and it all fit together.  My hope is that one day I can turn this little idea into something bigger.  But for now, we will keep everything under Two Adorable Labs because, as I say all the time, Jake And Maggie are always with me doing everything that I do!

You can find my package via my store.  I am open to as many phone calls and emails as you would like before I give you your final boards. Although I use Canva to do my creating, I can .pdf a file and send it via email to you as well.

Michelle mood board brown |

Maggie Lane Designs is an excellent way for clients across the country to work with Bobbi Jo to create a personalized design for any room in your home. The entire process is done online which allows your design experience to take place at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional in home consultation. E-Design is perfect for redecorating a space in your home. We can work with just about any room, style, and budget to help you select accessories, color, patterns, and decide the perfect placement. E-Design is not recommended for full renovation projects that need in person and on-site visits. Please provide design inspiration photos if you have any.
• 2 Design Inspiration Boards
• Up to 10 product selections provided
• Product list
Your final design board will be sent through Canva to the email address you provide at checkout.

If you are interested, check my little Revie and Refresh package out and let me know what you think!  If you want to see more of my home, check out my tab “Maggie Lane Designs” and my “Home Decor” posts where you can browse my home decor posts.  Have pets?  I’m happy to help you style your home with them in mind!  Check out my previous post on Pet Safe Paint.  Each board will be different based on what the client wants.

I love hearing from all of you and do my best to respond to each and every one of you.  I always enjoy your comments, feedback, and suggestions so keep them coming!  If I’ve posted a recipe (for our human and our furry friends) and you try it, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @twoadorablelabs and use #twoadorablelabs​.

If you do try and love my recipes, I would greatly appreciate a comment and rating.  I read every single one and respond to them.  It also lets Google know that the website contains quality content.  The more comments and 5-star ratings, the more Google will show my blog in search results!  Thank you so much! 

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