How To Use Fashion Pins In Your Floral Arrangements

Oct 13, 2020 | DIY, Holiday, Maggie Lane Designs

Happy Wednesday everyone!  The weather has been perfect for hayrides, picking pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte (HERE) and charity garage sales too!  Last weekend we went to a charity event to help raise money for Joey’s P.A.W., a non-profit raising money to buy prosthetics and wheelchairs for animals in need.  I bought this adorable fashion statement pumpkin pin and this gorgeous crystal vase.  I walked away thinking…how am I going to combine all of this into one arrangement and it came to me…How To Use Fashion Pins In your Floral Arrangement.  I already had the ribbon and the silk flowers at home and knew the colors matched perfectly.  Check out this post!  Fashion pins aren’t just for clothes and scarves anymore!
Have vintage fashion pins tucked away in a box and don’t know what to do with them?  Try using them in your craft projects, silk arrangements, use to secure silk bows, or to stick in a wax candle to create a new look.
Fall Floral Arrangement
Pumpkin fashion pin
Polka dot ribbon from JoAnn Fabrics
How to add your fashion pins to your vases to create a decorative, festive look.
Step 1:  Wash your vase in Dawn dish soap and dry completely.  Dawn takes away dirty and greasy finger prints and lets the crystal shine.
Step 2:  This crystal vase had variations of red, orange/rust, copper, and gold which will work perfectly for Christmas as well.  I chose silk flowers in orange/rust with gold flakes and orange ribbon with gold polka dots.
Step 3:  Cut a piece of ribbon to desired length making sure you have enough to wrap around the top portion of the vase, be able to knot it once, leaving the ends to fall down.
Step 4:  Cut another piece of ribbon and make a bow by leaving three inches of ribbon in length, twisting at the 3rd inch, folding ribbon in a loop, twisting, folding again into a loop, and leaving 3 inches to fall again before cutting off the spool.
Step 5:  Take the fashion pin you are using and poke the needle through the middle of the ribbon securing your bow in place and then securing it to the ribbon knot tied around your vase, finally locking it into place in the back of the pin.
Step 6:  Shape your ribbon and bow and make sure your pin is secure and will hold.
Step 7:  Layer your flowers in your vase and use berry stems as fillers.
Crystal vase
Pumpkin Pin
Pumpkin Fashion Pin

You have a floral arrangement that will last all the way through November.  The flowers can be taken out, the ribbon untied and the vase can be used again for whatever you choose to create for Christmas.  I can see this vase in the middle of my dining room table with a red and gold decorative bow and different kinds of greenery, pine cones, and red berries falling around the sides.  Layer greenery flat on the table, intertwining white crystalized snow flakes, Christmas bulbs, and votive candles for a festive look. And don’t forget to use a sparkly bobble pin as the focal point on the ribbon.  This year, I’m using a large crystal flower to change out this pumpkin pin to complete my Christmas floral design.  Reminder:  Don’t forget to save all of your leftover silk flowers for future projects.  These silk florals were last years purchase from Micheals and the ribbon was purchased this year from Hobby Lobby.

This vase was only $5.00 and it helped raise money for a special charity called Joey’s P.A.W.  Thomas and I hit all of the vendors tables and bought items along the way.  Over $2,500 was raised and will go to helping one pup get four new prosthetics.  This sweet soul will be able to walk again because of all the support!  There just might be another idea here…wanting to raise money for a charity that you support?  Organize a garage/yard sale advertising that 100% of the proceeds go to the charity you are supporting!


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  1. Sharon

    I love it! When Adam and Kate got married Kate and her Mom made all of the bridesmaids bouquets and her own from fashion pins. The florist finished them by wrapping and ribbons. It was stunning! One of her showers everyone bought fashion pins and some of them had such memorable stories to go along with them. I had some from my mom and Tim’s mom and they became part of Kate’s bouquet. It was so special. Emily has hers on her nightstand in a pretty vase and Kate uses hers in a vase as her dining room table centerpiece.

    • Bobbi

      Awh such a great idea and very special. I’ve seen those bouquets before but having everyone bring a pin to the shower and tell their story is wonderful. I bought 2 pins…a pumpkin and a dog. I’m going to use the dog pin in another arrangement and will blog about it. Can’t wait to share it with everyone! Thanks for your comment. Always appreciated :-).


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